Every Single Day Here Is The COLDEST day of my entire life. Period.

The inside of my nose freezes.

Actually, my whole body freezes.

Actually, the whole world freezes.

And all I want to do is drive South and pretend this never happened.

Pedal to the Metal,


Meanwhile, my chilly bear is getting so good at staying warm on the inside even when it is SO cold outside! Her papa is so proud.

* So far our Arctic winter temps range from -48 (yesterday), then up to -33 (today), then-10, then -40 again … No matter what the sub zero temp, every single time I feel that arctic air assault my face and every moment between the car door and heated structure or heated structure and car door is the.absolute.coldest.moment.ive.EVER.survived.  I’m dead serious. It’s unfathomable. And it’s true.  The only difference I notice between negative 10 and negative 40 is how much harder it is to heat our house and how far away I have to stay from the windows.  And that’s the AKrella truth.


8 responses to “Every Single Day Here Is The COLDEST day of my entire life. Period.

  1. can’t imagine it being that cold. jack has convinced me to go ice fishing with him saturday & i’m grumbling cuz it’s going to be 10ish. guess i’ll go now & not complain. keep those cubbies bundled…

    • I’ve always wondered who does that! … let me know how it goes!

      • jack is absolutely obsessed with ice fishing…in fact just bought a $$$$ fish finder. i have been a little gun-shy since he and then i fell through the ice on our pond one year when he was ice fishing. thank goodness we adopted natty as she saved our lives..literally. thought you had heard that story before….

      • I did know that story .. and I guessed I thought that would be the end of ice fishing! How was it?!

  2. Mama Bear is so pretty. Does she live in your neck of the woods?

  3. Happiest of birthdays to my favorite blogger. You pass Maya’s test…I love that girl!!!