Not to get all Morbid, but …

Go Maya.

Recently  Maya Angelou visited me via Oprah’s Master Class.  Wow.  She is so powerful.  Did you see it? If not, I’m sure they’ll replay it on OWN.  Anyway, in one hour she gave me days of thought.

Including the litmus test for a life well lived: When your name comes up in conversation, is the reaction, “Oh, hell …,”  Or, “Oh, my gosh! I love that girl! …”  That’s it. That’s all.

As I blow out the candles this year; my wish is to have been, to be, and to grow into the kind of person who, in what ever way, shape, or form, lifts others up.   And the kind who, in what ever way, shape or form, allows herself to be lifted by others.

My birthday reminds me my years are numbered.  Heck, my days are numbered. My wish is to make them count.

The years are numbered. Make them count.

Alaskarella, the birthday girl

Maya's 82nd Birthday

Katie's 32nd Birthday

Do you think we look alike?


17 responses to “Not to get all Morbid, but …

  1. Love Maya Angelou. Went to hear her speak at Mansfield University in the 90’s. We took Lauren with us…I hope she remembers. Also caught most of Maya on Oprah’s Master Class. Maya is a class act…love her face, her voice, her words, her wisdom. Happy 32nd Katie..make it a spectacular year. Actually you do look a bit like Maya in the pix…ok…so the hats are just a little different ….otherwise you have the same sparkle in your eyes & the same sweet smile…

  2. Peggy Bernardis

    Happy Birthday sweet Katie! You do lift others up! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! I know it’s tough where you are, but you really grow through going through difficult times. I can tell you are making the best of your Alaska adventure!! Keep up with your creativity, sense of humor, love, gratefulness…
    We miss you, love you, and think of you often! Take care of yourself, so you can continue to be strong for the ones you love the most!
    You are a rock star!!!!! xoxoxoxo Peggy

    • Do I lift others?! I must have learned how from you! How was the RITZ?! Ohhh la la! And thank you for the bday wishes and boost of confidence! Love to you and yours! i cant wait to see you all … hopefully soon!

  3. 32 years ago I became a Dad. What a lucky guy that my fatherhood began with you! Thanks the buckets of joy you have brought my way. I’m not sure I’ve got 32 more years left in my bones but I’ll enjoy each day/year as they roll by because you’re a sparkle in my universe. Keep the light shining in the Arctic skies. Have a wonderful day! Wish I was there to sing, “today is the birthday I wonder for whom.” Mitch, Zoey and Lucy will have to cover for me. Good luck to them.
    Happy Day – Happy Year! Love you, Dad

  4. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    Happy Happy! You lift me up! That is a FOR SURE! I hope your year ahead is filled with unexpected joys! love to you!

  5. Maureen Clarke

    Maya, oh maya! Katie, whenever I am with you I always wish that I got to spend more time with you! You have been a blessing to all of us and I am so honored that you share my name! Happy birthday to you!
    Love you more,

    • Oh Maya Maureen! Thanks! And love back to you. So glad we share a name – and a heart of gold … and don’t even get me started on sense of humor, and good looks …

  6. I just cried at your Dad’s response. You are such a beautiful woman inside and out. And in my life, you have brought such sunshine! So thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being a beacon of light in this world for me giddy up!

  7. oh my gosh – I love this blog and that young mom!

  8. Peggy Bernardis

    Hi sweet Katie! I would love to send you a real “letter”, so could you please post me your mailing address? Thanks so much!! Love you! Peggy