Need a Lift?

Reading the best book right now.    It’s a quickie. And a goodie.  The kind that makes you feel like you just spent an hour with a good friend.  The kind of writer who knows you from the inside out, and can explain “it” all so much more better and stuff.

Have you read this one yet? Ok, good. Don’t.  Because that way when / if you ever read my book, you won’t know I copied every single sentence.



Just found a sweet little read aloud ditty of hers on youtube!


7 responses to “Need a Lift?

  1. Maureen Clarke

    Dear Katie,
    I have not read this book but Jenna gave me “The Middle Place” for Christmas. It is written by Kelly about her bout with breast cancer. I know this sounds odd, but I am enjoying it! She writes with a lot of humor!

  2. i also enjoyed THE MIDDLE PLACE & knew she was writing another. ok amazon…here comes another order. don’t tell me you’re going to also title your book LIFT…maybe UPLIFT & no one will be the wiser…

  3. Hi Mo and Sue! My fellow readers! I really liked “The Middle Place” too – I think Lift is even better though, esp if you have just one hour and are in the mood for a laugh and a cry. It’s quick and potent in a feel good kind of way.

  4. Katie,
    I loved Middle Place and now can’t wait to read Lift once I figure out how to find time to read with a little one around.

  5. I could use a Lift! haha…seriously, I will check it out. I’m always looking for a new book to read!

  6. Renee Sanders

    I read The Middle Place several years ago….my husband actually went to school with Kelly’s brothers and they all swam together at they’re hometown pool. Wonderful story…Kelly writes with such humor and heart….a lot like you! I bought that book for several people as a gift (including your Aunt Patty, I think) and now I will have another to give this year. Can’t wait to get it…thanks for the 411.