Hawaiian Honeymoon In My Mind

This blog post (turned multi-volume series!) is my “beat the winter blues” Rx!

My dear friend Miss, soon to be MRS Marie, sent me a note asking about Hawaiian Honeymoon ideas!  Oh, Honey!  Do you really want to get me started?! This is dedicated to you girl!  And the blissful beginnings of your happily ever after!

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe … To Which Hawaiian Island Should You Go?

In MY Opinion…

Oahu: A little bit of everything (and a whole lot more people)
Lanai:  Absolutely nothing on this island except a FABULOUSLY decadent resort.
Maui:   Tourists.
Kauai:  Rugged coastline and adventures abound
Big Island: My blue (and green, and lava-rock-black) heaven.
Molokai: I hear it’s great.

Or maybe a little this, and a little of that?!  Over the next few days we will island hop from one to the next, starting with … Oahu!

I know you only asked for a bit of advice re: insider tips.  But, once I started, I just couldn’t stop! (If there was a “Biggest Loser” that did not involve weight loss, I would win.  I seriously need to get a life.)

Let’s go Honeymoon in Hawaii,


** Readers / Hawaiian Residents / Frequent Visitors / Alumni / Aliens / Ghosts / Oprah Winfrey’s Half Sisters … please weigh in as we go re: what do / not to do / if I could I use any / more / of / these ///???)


6 responses to “Hawaiian Honeymoon In My Mind

  1. Tiffany Huber

    At Sand Island, sort of island within an island which coincidentally there a lot of, you will find Las Marianas. I recommend for great sunset Mai Tais.

  2. Sigh…I thoroughly enjoy reading your recommendations as it gives me a minute to hop back to the blissfully wonderful years of 2005-2008. I will say…despite the tourists, Maui is my favorite island with all the others a close 2nd for their own unique variety of reasons (I have to admit though…I really didn’t like Lanai!).

    • Hi Lauri! How are you and your babies?! Hope all is well. Isn’t it fun to “go back?!” I’m so glad you’re going with me! Weigh in! Expert! I know I missed stuff on the Oahu Post / had a different experience with some things than you did (ie the Koalua Ranch Tour) – and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts! Plus, I just posted on Lanai. Why did you hate it? Did you stay at the yellow place? And, tell me what you loved about Maui (posting that tomorrow). I think I just didn’t do Maui right. Let’s talk HI as we freeze our butts off elsewhere in DC and AK! Warmest Aloha to YOU!

  3. My parents are visiting Hawaii in May and my Mom just recently asked me to email you to get ideas, so thanks for your super fun posts!

    • Perfect Timing! Hi Amelia! I have written all this down via email and notes for visitors so many times … so it’s so FUN to blog about it and also (hopefully) have a compiled “insider’s guide” once it’s all up and people who’ve been there / done that can add their input! Plus, we’re not all in Austin … so .. I’m doing everything I can think of to stay warm!