Hawaiian Honeymoon (Volume II: Lanai. I die.)

Lanai. I die.

My friend Marie is going on a Honeymoon.  We started on Oahu, and now I’m starting to wonder, Marie, may I come along?  I’ll meet you in Lanai.

On My Way (to right here).

… Oh, to live at The Four Seasons on Lanai.  I don’t think my pinkie finger would ever touch anything again. If you are looking to feel boneless and decadent, and RICH  (or poor once you look at the bill), go to Lanai and stay at The Four Seasons on the beach.  It is to die for.

Mitch and Zoey are no longer in these seats. Which means they're waiting for Marie and Craig.

The beach is set in a bay where spinner dolphins are ALWAYS at play and you can go swim with them anytime.  The view is jaw dropping.  And the staff, well, it’s The Four Seasons five star experience where your glass will never be half full; it will always just be full.

Nice Life, Kid.

They also have a mountain facility that’s  fun to visit.  It’ s like an opulent hunting lodge with leather furniture and dead animals on the walls.  A great pub and you can play croquet.  It looks like it belongs in Alaska to me.

The town of Lanai,  is like Stars Hollow on the Gilmore Girls with one big square park in the middle.   The park is surrounded by a few quaint eateries, a market, and a church.  Everyone in town knows each other.  And everything closes at 9pm.

The Four Seasons has a complimentary shuttle (of course) so you can go between the two hotel sites, and the town, and the airport … you will not want for anything.

You could also stay at the Pineapple Plantation on Lanai, but if you’re going to do the Lanai thing, I’d say go for broke.  Even if even for just one night of, “Holy shi*?! Is this my life?!  Damn.”

Posh Bathrooms (complete with the requisite big white robes in all sizes)

This trip is what Mitch and I did for our 30th birthdays, (and Zoey’s 2nd).  It was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Ever.

This is me on Lanai.

I’m going to dream about it for the rest of my life.

No really, I'm going to dream about it for the rest of my life.

God Bless Lanai, (go there, if only for one night, go there ).

One Lucky Duck

And ….you might want to try everyone else I know’s favorite island … rhymes with Wowie … let’s go there next!

We LOVE Lanai.


2 responses to “Hawaiian Honeymoon (Volume II: Lanai. I die.)

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  2. Lanai is one of my very favorite places on the planet, LOVE LOVE LOVE it there (I agree it is better than Maui even though I got married on Maui)! I am laughing at how you describe the Lodge at Koele, that is where we stay, it is such a unique property up in the mountains. Other points of interest on the island include an incredible hike that leaves from the Lodge and renting a jeep to drive to a see a shipwreck on a nearly deserted beach. There is also a cool hike from there with indigenous writings on the rock. Not that Manele Bay isn’t awesome on its own though, mmmm heaven……..