HI Honeymoon (Volume III, Maui)

Wowie, Maui.

Maui is everyone else’s favorite island.  But it isn’t mine.  I don’t know why.  I guess I just thought it felt over priced and really resort-y.   I think I must not have known what I was doing on this island, because I’ve seen other people’s pictures, (Namely my friend David Callender’s, who owns all the photo “work” in this post) and they’re amazing.

The Sheridan does have REALLY awesome snorkeling and a cool sunset conch shell blowing and diving off cliffs into the ocean show.    And our friends found a great little B & B called The Ho’oilo House.   Christina says was it was “a great romantic getaway” (no kids allowed.), it looks fantastic.  Most especially, this:

Would this work in Alaska? I feel like my house needs this.

I think I didn’t get into Maui because I felt sick, and fat, and pregnant.  But you’re not.  So, you might just love it.   And even if you are, you’re probobly a MUCH better sport about it, like my friend Christina.  And, since everyone but me looks beautiful pregnant, you might get an epic photo like this:

I would hate her for this if I didn't like her so much.

Yep.  I’m pretty sure if you go there, you’ll like it better than I did.

Sometimes I have bad taste,

Alaskarella (and photos by David and Christina Callender)

Not bad.


4 responses to “HI Honeymoon (Volume III, Maui)

  1. There’s no proof of your beautiful pregnant body – all photos deleted :<

  2. Katie – you’re so sweet!! Thanks for showing off our pictures. Shucks that you didn’t like Maui the first time around …. I think perhaps you need to come back and try it again …. 😉 Oh and I’m sure you looked great pregnant btw… this picture of me wasn’t bad BUT you have to remember this was in Jan and Anna was born in April (10 days late mind you) – by mid-Feb I was pretty much looking like a swollen pumpkin.

    • Christina! Thank you for letting the world (ie one to three awesome people who read my blog!) see your pics! And next time I go to Maui, I will know where to go thanks to YOU! (Or, we’ll just have to go together and leave our kids with the dads …. )