HI Honeymoon (Volume IV, Kauai)

Kaua'i Napali Coast

Oh Kay Honeymooners!  I am loving this get away on this two below Fairbanks day!    If you describe yourself as: rugged, outdoorsy, garden-loving, and adventurous … I’d say go to Kauai.

Could I be happy sitting in one of these chairs? Yes. I think so. (Pool at Princeville Resort)

Princeville and Hanalei are the heart of the lushness.  Well, as close as you can get to the heart because the road ends at Hanalei Bay (you know, where Puff The Magic Dragon lives by the Sea?).   The towns are these tiny, little, hippy pops DRIPPING in flowers.

Hanalei, will you marry me?

These towns are the gateway to the Napali Coast, which is totally undeveloped richness. (Don’t see the movie “Honeymoon.” I’m pretty sure it is filmed here, but the actual plot is so terrible it almost ruins the scenery.)  You can kayak, hike, or helicopter into the Napali coast … However you get there, it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  Right, Mom?

More waterfalls than you can count, craters, untouched coastline, all set to music ... it's epic.

In Princeville you can go on a rainforest canopy zip line tour like the Bachelor did in “The Officer and A Gentleman” series; and not like I did because I failed to make reservations a week or two ahead of time (note to zip liners, make reservations ahead of time).


If you go to Kauai,  check out Waimea Canyon.  You might want to bring a backpack and a tent and live off the land in the Napali Coast Jungle?

Or … maybe not.  Now let’s go to Kona for like the rest of our lives. Kay?

I’m having the best honeymoon!


* If you are of the military elk, and all you want to do is sit on a desolate beach; you can stay in a plywood cabin at Barking Sands way, way, way far away from the action.  Here again, I suggest you bring your own sheets.  I’m just sayin’ …


5 responses to “HI Honeymoon (Volume IV, Kauai)

  1. Thank you! It’s -33 C here, which is pretty much the same in Farenheit when you do the conversion. Looking at the blue oceans, tropical plants and blue skys is making today seem less cold! I am imagining myself there right along side you, but not in a creepy stalker way.

    By the way, PW doesn’t post new material every day. Her last ‘confession’ was the 28th and the cooking post wasn’t actually anything new per se.

    Keep up the great blog 🙂

  2. Heli tour was AMAZING! Right mom?

  3. Heli tour was awesome. That’s right kids 🙂