HI Honeymoon (Volume V: BIG Island Love)

Is that a smile?

And finally, THE BIG ISLAND, the Hawaii I always imagined.

Building site for my dream-self's dream home.

It’s where I’d spend the rest of my entire life if I had my druthers and didn’t miss my family so terribly.  I’d live outside Hilo on “Scenic Drive Road.” I’d teach something idealistic like “Positive Psychology” at the University of Hawaii in Hilo, go to the hippy farmers market in Hilo on the weekends, take day trips to the Volcanos and stand in the warm steam vents, and go down to Kona for a few days here and there.   The drive from Hilo to Kona (where the resorts are) is long (4 hours?) and very varried (from rainforest, to ski mountain on top of a volcano!, to arid volcano rock as far as you can see).

Just tryin to Relax!

Kona is where the resorts are.  We stayed at the Fairmont Orchid, ooh, la, la.

Road to Refuge.

Outside of Kona, on a road that feels like it’s the road to nowhere, you end up at this historical area of refuge sanctuary.  It’s really cool. Next to the safe zone, is the best easily accessible snorkel spot I know of in all of the islands.


And that’s all I know about a sweet, little, Hawaiian Vacation for two.  Have fun Marie.

Where ever you go, I know it will be fantastic.  Because you are.

Let’s all go to Hawaii now.

AlaskaHawaiiellaaaa (lots of vowels, perfect for my island life)


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