This might warm you up.

I hear it’s cold out there.  Let’s go get hula hoops.

I think I like you, (like a lot),



6 responses to “This might warm you up.

  1. I’m surely sure I do. Get out your hoola hoop.

  2. Love this! I hear hula hooping is back! A friend of mine, Etta Grange and her new husband Matt, make and sell them in all sizes and shapes. I bought 2 for Christmas for my kids…..great fun. Like you, I’m up to about 10 seconds. Thinking of you all today as schools were closed for a second day in a row for extreme cold…..negative 19 this morning (25 with the wind chill). And all I could think was that Zoe would be outside playing at Pretty School in Alaska. Apparently we’re all wimps in Colorado!

    • I love Etta! Such a hipster! It is so pathetic how sore my abs / obliques are from like 10 minutes of practice TWO days ago! I’d laugh at myself if it didn’t hurt so bad! I better start doing this daily.

  3. Hey alaskarella, Are you still there? I’m just saying we miss you! What’s up? Are you under the weather?