* Warning. This is not pretty.

This week's been hard to swallow.

You know how they say, “When you don’t have anything nice to say…”  Well, that’s the mantra I’ve been opperating under for the past week …

Until Now.

Q. Is there anything worse than getting physically sick?  Again and again? All night, and then all day?

A. Yes. Heaving your brains out and then crawling out of the bathroom to make waffles for one child and clean up the puke of another.  Again, and again.  All day. And all night.   When all you want to do is put your head on the bathroom floor and lie there for at least two days.  Or maybe even two seconds.

Why? You cry. Why?  But no one is there to hear you besides the sick kids who want their water. With ice. (Or, maybe this time between pukes they might need their diaper changed, or (gag me) food, a trip to the ER regarding the terrifying rash that’s itchy and swelling their whole face up, or medicine for their ear infection, or sinus infection, or strep thoat, or they might be throwing up themselves … )

That’s where I’ve been.

It’s been bad.  Really bad.  And instead of a wham bam everyone down all at once, it’s been a long string of one after another, and then around we go again.   I thought we were over it on Friday.  And then along came Friday afternoon.

Sadly, we’re not the only sick puppies in this town. Alaskafella’s been at the hospital all hours (trying to avoid us I think); leaving me to crawl around this cess pool of germs, snot, and vomit on a solo mission to keep my young alive.  It’s animalistic.

You’re lucky we live so far away.  Because otherwise I’d make you put a mask and get over here.  And then I’d hand you a baby.  And a drop cloth.  Because puking babies don’t know which way to turn their heads.  (So, please could you pick up some resolve carpet cleaner on your way?)

And once you got here and had my babies on your hips and a plastic smock of some sort over your hair, and clothing, and face, and everything …

I’d crawl to my own sheetless bed.  And stay there for like the rest of my life.

We’re a f*^#ing mess right now.

I miss Alaskarella.  And I miss YOU more than you miss me. Trust me. I do.

No rest for the weary,



11 responses to “* Warning. This is not pretty.

  1. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    Oh lady, oh ladies! OUCH. It has to end soon and you will feel better. They will feel better…soon! Hang on! So sorry you are sick as He((.

  2. Oh Katie. Sounds awful. I was wondering where you were. What can I say … “Isn’t Motherhood grand?” Hopefully, all the bad times will be packed into these two weeks and when it’s over you’ll enjoy getting outside, even if it’s freezing. Or at least somewhat longer days. Take care of yourself and the family. Glad to know that you weren’t kidnapped or stuck frozen to another doorknob!

  3. Oh NO…I knew Z was sick a week or so ago, but thought she was on the mend. Sounds like the germs have been on a mission at your house & taking hostages big time. This makes me so SAD…you are just too far away…except maybe in the summer when we can visit. Get everyone feeling better & keep us posted when you can. Try to keep your chin up & out of the toilet!

  4. Exaggerella,
    Thanks to the magic of SKYPE I know that none of you are knocking on heaven’s door. The great news is you’re all a day closer to feeling better. Shaved ice with Ginger Ale should right the ship. There may be other remedies but this one’s always helped my wellness. Feel Better Soon!

  5. A big giant 😦 Sure hope you’re all feeling better !!

    Hugs…from afar.

  6. Well shit.
    I know right?
    I hurt to my loins hearing this recent post. Get better damnit =(

  7. Thank you one and all. The good news is, I am on the up. I’m sure of it.

  8. Oh no! How awful! I’m so so sorry you all are so so sick! Glad you’re on the mend & hope the wee ones are too! Xoxoxoxo

  9. Oh no, oh no! If it’s any consolation, I too have been cleaning up vomit, been snowed and iced in, had sinus infections, and watching Monsters, Inc. on a loop for 5 days. I am so sorry. I hope your situation improves soon…those one-two punches SUCK. From my sickly house to yours….Feel better fast. Armed with Amoxicillin, Prednisone, Clorox wipes, Pepto Bismol, and Motrin…We will not go gentle into that good night.

  10. I’m just reading this one today…so hope all are much less pukey and much more in the valentine’s day spirit 🙂