Best Invention. Ever.

Oprah's Angel.

Oprah says the IPad is the best invention of this century.   She cried about it. She called it a new appendage.  She says it changed her life.

I wouldn’t know.  Do you?  Is it REALLY that great?  do tell.

I’ve seen ’em.  I’ve held ’em.  I’ve oogled.  I’ve googled.  But still.  I don’t think the I-Pad is gonna beat my nomination for best invention ever.


My Angel.

It’s like, “Do you want to feel nauseous and vomit?”  No?  OK.  “Do you want your kids throwing up all night tonight?”  No? OK.  (Yes, this is the exact conversation, verbatim, the best invention ever and I had last night.   In addition to solving world problems, it also talks.)

Life changing.  Oprah must not know about it.  Or maybe Oprah and her IPad just don’t know what my carpets and I do.


Alaskarella, Zofranatic

Thought bubble above my head:   “Hmmm .. if I had blonde hair, and was prettier, and better at coordinating catered lunches and handing out “Zofran” pens … GlaxoSmithKline, are you hiring in Fairbanks?  … ”

*  Speaking of doctors … have you seen what my doctor friend Molly showed me? V. Funny.


4 responses to “Best Invention. Ever.

  1. Oh NO, if Jack here’s mention of your aspirations to become a “drug rep” we may have to disown you.

  2. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    HAAAA HAAAA YOU are TOO funny!

  3. Catherine got Connor an iPad when she was born to help entertain him when she needed mommy’s attention. It is pretty awesome and mommy wants to steal it. She is using it right now, in fact.

    Also, so sorry you guys have been so sick, I have never been through nearly anything like what you described and I have felt like I have had it pretty bad before. I really hope you are all feeling much better!!!