“What if Anthropologie did Weddings?”


I’ve been counting the days until February 14, 2010.   Because that’s when Anthroplogie’s Weddings and Special Events baby sister, BHLDN, is due! (BHLDN, pronounced “beholden” is tragically missing all the most lovely and romantic letters of the alphabet ..)   Despite the name, love is blind.

My little Valentine came early!  (Well, at least a peek.)  Cue Pachelbel Canon D and behold, BHLDN:

This sneak peek courtesy of the bloggers* who, besides me, were invited to the secret champagne and cloud swept luncheon at a B&B in Philly. My invite must have gotten lost in the mail?


I'd been the blogger wearing the boots and the Nikon ...

I'd a drank all the champagne,

before stashing these

into the pockets of this

and shouting "Wee! Wee! Wee!" all the way home!

Maybe that’s why I wasn’t invited.

White would have worked so well in Alaska.  Oh Well.  Guess my daily wear will continue to be FLC (that’s pronounced fleece).



The BHLDN online shop opens Monday!

* In the meantime, if you’d like to see more Anthro Wedding Gaga-Ganza …  Anthroholic, Green Wedding Shoes, and Oh Joy are a few of the blogger ladies who were actually invited to the special soiree. (Lucky them.)


5 responses to ““What if Anthropologie did Weddings?”

  1. I’ll be there in something old something new something borrowed and something blue. I’m hoping the borrowed is someone’s credit card.

  2. Cute post…loved the dresses & shoes, but none were as outstanding as your wedding dress…honest!

  3. I agree with Ghee! fun post, but liked your dress and green shoes better!

  4. Thanks! I liked mine too :). I was just wondering if I might want to dawn one of these to do dishes around here or somethin’.