How do Moose Sleep?

Is it me? Or is this one of the cutest things you've ever seen?

Sorry! Didn't mean to wake you.

Back to the business of a lil' mid-morning-moose nap.

If it weren't for your big-baby-moose-ears ... you'd blend right in.

This baby and it’s mama (who prefers to sleep about 10/ 15 feet from baby in the coverage of the trees), have been spending their days in our yard!  What a treat.

Now that we know how moose choose to snooze, we have a new question:

Should we give the moose a muffin?

Just wonderin!,



5 responses to “How do Moose Sleep?

  1. cute post- What a big baby!

  2. …so since you’ve finally made friends with an Alaskan mom & baby, are you thinking play date? Definitely get those muffins in the oven!

  3. I have never seen a moose in the wild. You are so lucky to see such a cute baby one.

  4. I LOVE that last picture Ansel!

  5. Oh glory! That’s is so amazing!