Happy LOVE day!

Hope you had a hot Valentine's date,

no matter how cold it might be outside!

It’s 40 below in these parts today / yesterday … Oh Baby.  Snuggle Up! (And run, Daddy, RUN!)

Sending LOVE,



13 responses to “Happy LOVE day!

  1. Peggy Bernardis

    Thanks amazing Alaskarella! We love you more!!! Thank you for all the great photos and stories. You are so creative, taking after sweet Grandma Dear!
    We are sending you lots of heartfelt hugs!!! Love you, more! xoxox Peggy

  2. Yesterday in the store Seb slapped his head and said, “Tomorrow is Valentines Day? I gotta get Zoey a treat! When is she coming over?” Ohhhhh Seb. Never forgetting his future soulmate.

    • girl, i was already crying. and then this? i can NOT believe i ever, ever, ever complained about living on the island. with you. i hate this place and i want to rewind. i miss you. i miss having friends. i am so blue. literally.

      • Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuueueueueueuee oh so lonesome for you! It’s true. If it makes you feel better about your living quarters (and Im sure it won’t) I went to vacuum up a lizard that was dead, or so I thought, and it wiggled right as I sucked the sucker up. Now Im afraid of lizards and my vacuum. Heaven help me.Buuuuut seriously Sebastian is on a Zoey kick lately and won’t stop talking about her.

  3. Maureen Clarke

    Dear Katie,
    Warm wishes for a beautiful Valentine’s Day! We missed you at the bowling party last night. I will “spare”you the details but I am still the world’s worst bowler. You are loved and missed!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day to our family in AK. Hugs & kisses all around the igloo. Sorry I didn’t send cards…i am just so bad at that stuff. Glad everyone is feeling better…sure missed those morning blogs to brighten up my day.

    • Good day P-A! Don’t worry about not sending cards! If you think you are bad at that stuff, I have to introduce you to me! We had a happy day and blew kisses to you. Did you get them? I think they landed on your cheeks.

  5. Happy Valentines Day to YOU ‘ll. Love the photo at the movies – they take after Grandma and Grandpa! Are there milk duds in the popcorn? We are sending lots of luv your way! Hope you get it.

    • No milk duds in the popcorn! I was worried Lucy would choke! Someday… We DID get your Valentine. What a sweet surprise. My expanding back side loved every last treat.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hope you all have had a great day. The girls look adorable in their V-Day pink 🙂
    Lots of love!

    • Oh Maleia. YOU outfitted my girls! I wish I had a pic of them yesterday, Zoey was wearing her red party dress and zebra leggings (SOOOO proudly!! like swaying back and forth in front of the mirror) and Lucy in her ruffled leggings … saying “wow” and spinning around and around. thank you Maleia, feeling pretty makes the day happy. Hope your birthday and V day were every bit as wonderful as you are.