This is SO Embarrassing.

Oh. My. God.

In a TOTALLY uncharacteristic show of domesticity, we spent the ENTIRE Sunday making chocolate covered Valentine’s  for the teachers and classmates. I know right?  Mother. Of. The. Year.

We washed the berries,

Burned about ten thousand bags of chocolate chips before realizing we needed a double boiler. Which led to Alaskafella's 83rd "Op: Valentine treats" run to the store.

Finally we figured out the chocolate melting thing, and our fawn-duex went to work!

THEN, we discovered the PERFECT sub-zero freezer! .002 seconds on our back porch hardened the chocolate and sealed the berries in a flash of delectable genius.

Extensive product testing revealed ...

freaking delicious.

SO …

We packaged our homemade treats up for each classmate,

And made beautiful long stem bouquets for all the teachers and helpers.

It took about 10 hours.  And I didn’t care. I was so proud.

Then?  I get home on Monday night after giving them to all the teachers and office staff and classmates … and we had one fruit bouquet left to give to our neighbor Carl.

As I was about to walk (ok, drive, it was like 40 below) it over to his house, I pick it up and it’s like a juice bag with chocolate chunks floating in it.   It looks like rat vomit.  (Not that I would know, but I’m guessing).

So, I reach into the bag to fish out a strawberry and it is AWFUL!  The fruit is sour and mushy, acidic and GROSS.  I had to spit it out!

And then, I started thinking of all the teachers, and office staff, and all of Zoey and Lucy’s classmates at home going through their loot and coming across a soggy bag of sh*@ and thinking, “Who the hell gifted this?”

And I started to get all hot and feel sick.

And then I started looking for new schools.

In Hiding,


Lesson:  Can you freeze chocolate covered strawberries? NO! They turn to slush! Thank you, Yahoo. But, I bet you already knew that.

Next year, glow sticks for everyone.  Better idea still, move.


8 responses to “This is SO Embarrassing.

  1. OMG…I am really torn between laughing out loud & crying…..that’s all I can say. Hope the cubs weren’t too traumatized at school.

  2. That is an awesome story.

  3. Oh my geez. I’m so sorry. That didn’t keep me from laughing out loud but still- sorry. You still get MOTY for undertaking that project though. Xxj.

  4. Julie and Julia

    Oh my, this is so cute and funny and sad! It is the thought that counts!!

  5. Katie, Remember….it’s the thought that counts!

  6. Great post Alaskarella. Spectacular failures make for fascinating reading. Maybe Alaskafella is seeing some of the wee ones now? Strawberry feels forever.

  7. What a fab story. Big smiles on my face – so funny – think we’ve all been there at one stage or another in our lives!