Wide Open Spaces …

snowy day

As I drive to and fro doing errands and what not, I can’t help but want to savor this beauty.   The jaw-dropping thing about life in Alaska is the expansive, untouched, unimproved, landscape.    Right now gigantic snowflakes as big as my hand are dancing through the branches outside the window.  Pure, untouched nature is everywhere you look.

And, I like it.    It makes my frontal lobe feel more spacious.

Plus, with all these wide open spaces, I have room to make a big mistake 🙂 …

This post would be better if I could play the violin,



5 responses to “Wide Open Spaces …

  1. I hope you were listening to the song as you wrote this. It’s one of my favorites! Looking forward to seeing you in 111 days!

  2. Uhhhhh like what kind of mistake?!

  3. Alaskarella you are killin me. My morning coffee just doesn’t do it without a new Alaskarella! Tickets to Denver the last week of March are under 700 dollars 🙂