Beam Me Up.

The Lights

They’re back.  Full Force.  Between the softly falling snow by day and the beams of light by night, it’s been a beautiful weekend around here.

Plus, we got a new firewood delivery.  Arctic Lesson number 786: Birch is better than Spruce.

Who Knew?



5 responses to “Beam Me Up.

  1. You live in Wonderland! I’m sure of it! Lucky girl! You’ve got your very own looking glass!

  2. I know that you have put up with a lot, with the short days and bitter cold, but…I now have this image in my head with the snow and the lights. I know that in person it is even more fantastic than I could ever imagine. Lucky you.

  3. Monica "mooo" tee hee


  4. Nicole Savino

    That looks AMAZING!!!

  5. Just beautiful.