Look what galloped up to the North Country!!!

Remember when I told you about how much I LOVE The Pioneer Woman, and that she’s my blogging (Ok, life) idol?  Well, her brand spanking new book …

arrived at the edge of the earth JUST for ME! "Love to Katie, (Alaskarella!)" Oh. I died. I died. Please, someone get the paddles!

But before I die, let me tell the world everything I love about THIS exact book:

I love that my idol's idol, her Cowboy hubbie, Ladd Drummond aka, Marlboro Man scrawled his name across the inside cover!

I love that the testimonies on the back of the book are from people like "Maggie," and "Amy," and say things like, "That's it. I want a cowboy." (I mean it ain't the "New York Times book review, but it's SO much more endearing -- so much BETTER!)

I love that even without the cover jacket, it's one of the prettiest books I ever did see, swoon.

And, I love that even the inside of the book has extra swoon-fulls of sugar.

But you know what I love most?  More than the design of the cover (which I LOVE), more than the story inside, more than the design details inside, more than I love (and I really do LOVE) the autographs inside, more than I adore the author … this:

The note from the benevolent sender.

This book was sent to me as a sweet little surprise from a high school friend.  She must have gone to the book signing, stood in line, and thought of her ol’ pal freezing her buns off near the ends of the world.  Hands down, one of the nicest things anyone ever did for me.  Thank you Carrie.  Such a sweet act of kindness, it made me cry. (And that was before I even read the words on the note of encouragement – which made me laugh!)

If this is the height of my blogging career, it was a great one.

And now, I have some reading to do!

As P.W. would say, “Love ya more than luggage,” (And I have no idea what that means …),



6 responses to “AAAAAAH!!!!

  1. Oh boy am i jealous! I need to buy the book but as you may know, moving is expensive! So we must wait until Michael’s first pay check before buying any non-essentials 😦

    • girl, send my your address, and I will send you some love. I know, moving is SO expensive and buying things like snow tires and arctic parkas, and firewood, and … oh, wait, you’re in saint louis! Now I’m jealous! ENJOY!!! I hope bed, bath, and beyond / target / all the stores I used to know and love have “welcome to the neighborhood” sales for you two and all the “oh, we need a garbage can” moving kind of needs! 🙂

  2. “I love you more than luggage” is a quote from one of my favorite movies- Steel Magnolias! Go rent it–not much else to do when it’s cold and snowy 🙂

    • Ah-HA! Thank you for the insight, I’ve been wondering about that for a looong time! How’s the belly? Do you miss the Arctic? Or is it AMAZING to be back in the world and not on the edge of it?

  3. I love that this little surprise made you so happy – this blog post made ME so happy! Can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts on the book…ENJOY!