All The Single Ladies?

Hey Ladies? If you’re single and lookin’ …

Hot. Hot. Hot.

And, if you like the rugged kinda guy, if you’re into a man who can chop wood for the fire, and has big hands, and rugged skin… the kinda guy who will warm the car up before you get in and bring you coffee from the coffee hut …

I know a place.

At first I thought, “Damn, I must be lookin’ good!” Because every time I’m out by myself in this town guys are opening doors and offering to carry my groceries and giving me that look that makes me look at my feet …

But then I  realized, it’s now how I’m looking!  (For God’s sake, I’m wrapped in a tsunami of down parka so intense I can hardly walk).    It’s just that they’re all looking.

Like 100:1.  That’s what the mountain man to woman ratio feels like in Fairbanks.

SO, ladies, if you’re into (really, really, really) long nights in the log cabin cuddled up next to the fire with a rugged mountain man … Or, maybe you’re just lookin to boost your “Damn, I’m hot!” confidence …

I know a place.  (It just requires you to move a million miles from home and toss out all your sundresses and tanktops for long johns and flannel.  And, your skin will never, ever look the same again … and the only place to “shop” is the grocery store … and it’s a wee bit chilly … and there aren’t a lot of teeth … )

Maybe that’s why the ratio remains 100:1.

But if you want a mountain man, I do know a place you can find one or a hundred. Just in case you wanted to know.

This PSA brought to you by,

Alaskarella (mountanaire matchmaker)


5 responses to “All The Single Ladies?

  1. Nothing a blow-torch couldn’t clean-up. I can see where Zoe gets her blue eyes. Mitch looks like he could use a warm hut and a cold beer.

    Keep the fire lit.

  2. There’s a reason I’ve never grown a beard.

  3. Michael Grover

    I’ve always heard that for women in Alaska…”The odds are good, but the goods are odd.”