Dog Gone! I’m a mushin!

Question: What, besides every day of my Alaskan life, is cause to don the Arctic Burka?

Answer: The Call of The Wild! The Call of The Wild is pictured here as: Tundra & Chena; Kisska & Kenai; Keishna & Klondike; Nordic & Mukluk, Deb (seated) and Nick (standing). (In the name of full disclosure: I may, or may not, have made up half of those names!)

I had no idea "normal" people could partake in this activity! But there we are, the Queen of Narnia (me in the sled), Jack London (The Musher in the Middle), and Alaskafella on the caboose just flying down the frozen Tanana River on the heels of dogs.

All you gotta do to heed the call is go down to the Chena River to see a man about some dogs, and hit him with a cool (or ice, cold, frozen) 60 bucks.

Then, hop on the sled and as soon as the musher yells, "Hike!," the hyped-up doggie yelping, jumping, and gag-inducing rotten smell of excited doggie diarrhea (it's seriously putrid) subsides and the team leaps forward falling into a rhythmic stride.

Dog Gone it! You're Mushin'!

There you are, in a dog sled! You're gliding through the endless expansion of the Great White North mesmerized by the puffs of snow the dogs silently kick into the air and the passing landscape. It's dead quiet, peaceful, and surreal.

The kind of experience we all really appreciated.

What a ride.

If you ever get the chance to mush, I say, “Hike!”

Dog Gone!,


And now, I gotta go take a nap.

* Thank you John of Alaskan Husky and Horse Adventures! He’s dedicated the past 25 years of his life to taking care of 25 dogs at a time (!), and training them to run.  The team really seemed to enjoy it, so did we.   And good luck with your online girl friend.  As soon as we can feel our feet again we’ll get to the bottom of why she isn’t “all that into” the idea of moving to balmy Fairbanks.


12 responses to “Dog Gone! I’m a mushin!

  1. I’m so proud of you, Alaskarella!!! I personally love experiencing & love others experiencing stuff they never would’ve dreamed of doing…..kinda like 6 mothers (2 pregnant) holding hands, jumping into the waters of Lanikai after hours;) Miss you sunshine mama!!! ~Patricia P.

  2. I think you have just found the jacket cover for your book. The eyes say it all. Congratulations on a new adventure! Did the dog-sled stop at Starbucks?

    • Starbucks wasn’t on the route! Maybe when you come we can mush that way! Well, starbucks would be like a 10 thousand mile trip, but cuppa chena?

  3. So cool, I knew you were a dog person…

  4. Amazing! That is just amazing!

  5. Great that you’re taking advantage of the special things that life in the snow has to offer. It looks like a lot of fun. I bet it wasn’t as easy as it looks!

    • You’re right! It isn’t easy! Mitch fell off and had to run half after the sled half the way! And Nick and Deb’s sled crashed head-on into another team! It is crazy.

  6. Libby Clarke

    peek a boo! Damn girl you got some sexy eyes … and you are my niece! Wow! Does Clinique need a new model? xoxo

    • Haha! Thanks marketing mogul! I don’t know if Clinique needs a new model, but I could use some clinique! 🙂 I should do a retake with smokey eyes and go for something “hot.” Smoldering hot. … Why didn’t we get assigned to go to D.C.?