600 Dollar Night in the Ice Hotel?

Who wants to spend the night in one of the only running ice hotels in the world?!?

Housekeeping?  Can you please bring us ten thousand thick fur blankets and a set of down filled sheets?  YES!  That, and …

the entire hotel lobby,

An Open Bar,

All the Appletinis on ice you can handle,

hotel art you never imagined,

A fire to warm up by,

A little bitty ice-out-house,

And three seperate ice hotel room fantasy suites...

All under the light of ice chandeliers and back lit by ice orbs.

This entire ice palace can be all yours for one solid, frozen, ice-filled night of debauchery. The price? Just 600 smackers.

So does anyone actually do this?  Yes. Yes. They do.  Just not me.  I haven’t completely lost my mind (yet).

But, you know who did?  A Safeway cashier.  She saved her pennies up for a year, and then spent the entire night alone in the palace walking around and singing.

The first thing she asked the concierge the next morning?  “Has anyone booked it for tonight?”  And she payed to do it all over again!

I think she may be my new hero.

Would you spend the night in an ice hotel?

Because I’m thinkin, maybe we could split it?




With enough Appletinis things could get pretty crazy.


4 responses to “600 Dollar Night in the Ice Hotel?

  1. whoops, too late for the warning…i looked. what fun. katie, your hair looks so blond & long….must be that Alaska sun…

    • It was a fun time! As you can see, I did imbibe in the green juice! The hair … as you can imagine … there is a story behind this new super blonde doo. Another “only in fairbanks” faux pas .. blog fodder … coming up soon!

  2. wouldnt stay at that place even if they paid me 600 a night..

  3. is it better than the others, or is this the only one u been
    what is there to do besides the bar