World Ice Championships


N'ice Abs.

Save me.


Run?! Did you say run? I can't run! I'm frozen!


This one is titled "Unexpected Grace."

Just another night in the ice park.

The World Ice Art Championships took my breath away.  (And not just because it is – still – THAT cold.)  These photos are just a few of my favorites from the “single block” portion of the competition.  We’ve been three times for a few hours each time, and still have yet to see all the sculptures.

The level of detail, grandeur, imagination, and the end product — it’s enchanting.

But to me, the most beautiful and inspiring aspect of the event is that artists from all around the world come to Fairbanks in February to freeze their buns (and finger tips) off in a dedicated, intense, furry of tractors, ice axes, and chiseling tools.  They spend the entire year planning, and then toil for three days and nights to create something so beautiful — and so fleeting.

All this for something that will melt in a month (or two).

Such a selfless art.

The whole idea of giving everything you have to make the world more beautiful, even if only for a moment? It makes my anatomically-correct-heart frozen in a tear drop melt.

I’m inspired by people who use their gifts to make the world more beautiful.  Even if the beauty lasts only for a few magical moments in time, it sustains.

In awe,


PS – These pictures are thanks to Mitch, Deb, and Nick who went out on a FROSTY, ice, cold, night and literally had to take the pictures while holding their breath.

Did you breathe?


7 responses to “World Ice Championships

  1. Wow. They’re beautiful. Reminds me of the Sandcastle contest at the beach in the summer, only more amazing. How in the world do they keep the ice from shattering?

    • Great comparison, it’s the same idea of a temporary labor of love, eh? The ice, I think, does shatter sometimes. Most of it is SO thick though, that the cracks just become part of the aesthetic. When the sand castle contests are in play, you’ll have to send me pics!

  2. Little chi o sis

    Katie you are hilarious! I heard about your blog from Kelly Johnson. it is great! Miss you tons. Your little sis! Catherine

    • Cath!!! My little! Well, now the blog was all worth it. HOW ARE YOU? Besides beautiful and married (!), (I saw pics on fb, but had no fb access to you to tell you … WOW!), How are you?! This, this ray of light, it makes my day.

  3. So beautiful. Thank you for paying the inspiration forward.

  4. Awesome sculptures! Kudos to the photographers –