Outdoor Hot Springs (101 F), Outdoor Temp (-30 F)

Here we are in an alternate universe, or in 20 years? Or both?

Who likes to take in the stars and the northern lights while soaking in a natural hot spring  … surrounded by snow covered boulders and trees and mountains … when it’s 30 below zero?

Nick, Deb, Me, & Alaskafella!

And who would dare to get in —  or  OUT — of this warm spring when it means walking, in your swimsuit (!), while WET, when it is 30 (thirty) below zero degrees?

Brrr! Next time I'm wearing a wetsuit!

I really didn’t want to get in.  But Nick made me.

And then I REALLY didn’t want to get out.  But, I wasn’t sure how it would go spending the rest of my life in a pond.

And as we were all driving home in our warm pj’s under the green glow of the northern lights, I couldn’t help but think it was so worth it.

My hair is still thawing,



15 responses to “Outdoor Hot Springs (101 F), Outdoor Temp (-30 F)

  1. J proposed to me there. haha! My ears were always so cold when we sat in it in the winter. The pictures are always worth it though!

  2. Libby Clarke

    I said, BRRRR, it’s cold out here, there must be something in this atmosphere!

    Just curious … are these the same visitors you have had for weeks? Are you holding them hostage?

    Seems like you are really, really good friends. Ice palace, ice sculptures, snow dog sledding, etc. Where the heck was Nick during the parking lot incident?

    In good times … and in bad. Isn’t that the friendship vow?



    P.S. Just lookin after you!

    • They left (boo), even as tears froze to my cheeks at the airport drop off. They did more in 4 days here than I’ve done the entire time I’ve been here! I’m just still reveling and reliving it all weeks later … I need a life.

  3. Nice pair of “eyes” Deb. Yowza!

  4. I’m glad you’re adjusting to your new home state. Bert and I love it here. I can’t wait to hear of your first Grizzly sighting or maybe that was your earlier encounter in the parking lot of the grocery store. Maybe you just caught me on a bad day.

  5. OMG…that looks so COOL. Definitely on my bucket list…we’ll plan that for our second trip, next March. Book us at the Clarzo B&B.

  6. Mama clarke

    Well, all I can say is Wow! Nick is with some scary looking folks.

  7. Brrr…Is this your way of scaring off unwanted guests?? That last picture is a classic. I not only can’t believe that you did that, but that your friends went along with it. Oh my. You continue to take advantage of what Alaska has to offer. I’m not sure if I should say “Way to go Katie” or “Are you crazy!”

  8. That leaves me speechless…..probably because my teeth are chattering just thinking about it! ….. <3!