Last Night …

In Big, Sweeping, Wild, Dancing Brush Strokes,

God Painted The Sky. (I'm pretty sure Van Gogh was along for the ride).

One Moment it would look as if a Giant Radioactive Jelly Fish was Orbing Upon Us.

And then in a snap, the Jellyfish would break into spokes of a wheel and dive toward the horizon and back up again.

It was unreal.

WILD.  Untamed.  Like a Modern Dance Light Show across the entire sky. Crazy Beautiful. Certainly the most active night sky I’ve ever seen.

A week ago I told Mitch I was over the Northern Lights.  Last night put me back in my place.

The best parts?  (There are two.)

1. I wished on a shooting star that I had a way of capturing the show on film.   Then, when I woke up this morning Todd Paris, my favorite Fairbanks photographer, had posted these pics on his face book page! Thank you Todd for your talents and for sharing your photos!

2. Tonight?  The forecast (which is based on solar activity levles) calls for an even greater showing of color and movement.  I think I may actually be more excited to see the sky tonight than I am to see next week’s episode of the Bachelor (and that is pretty darn excited, I mean, it IS the final rose…)

In a good place right now,



9 responses to “Last Night …

  1. Dandiegorado


  2. Katie, I have so looked forward to checking out your blog this week. Each day is even more amazing. I could hardly believe that today’s pictures were real. I scrolled down, assuming that they weren’t. What an awesome sight. I’d be crying my eyes out it looks so spectacular. Look up to the sky for me and I’ll pretend that I’m there. That way I don’t have to give up my 70 degree weather.

  3. Mary, god mommy Stevens

    Wow.. Unreal photos in a real night sky!! What an experience!
    Love you

  4. Love love love lucky girl!

  5. this will be #1 on my bucket list for March 2012

  6. Amazing!

  7. Libby Clarke

    I think Momo and I saw some skies like that back in our days in Aspen! Wow! Holy cow! Unreal! Thank you for sharing. I agree — that might make my bucket list!



  8. This is gorgeous!! I need to see this in my life! I need this more than tsunamis Katie Clarke!!