Have you ever …

seen a photo of yourself and thought, “Oh, my.  Is that really me?  Is this really my life?”


Here I am.  Everyday.

I can’t believe it either,

Alaskarella, arctic fox.



10 responses to “Have you ever …

  1. Katieeeeeeee Clarke – OMG! Gayle just turned me on to your blog. OMG! I’m thinking it’s better you than me if you hear what I’m saying. Can’t you pay some little Eskimo boy to plug in your car? You’ve cut yourself quite a card. Think Spring thaw. Every time I open my freezer, from now on, I’ll think of you opening the front door to your house. Stay warm and keep the sunshine coming. Life will improve SOON! Your new friend in Chicago.

  2. It must not be all that cold as I notice you are not wearing gloves.

    • Well … I’ve found that speed beats comfort for the fingers (I’m not very deft in my mittens), it’s painful but more fleeting. Plugging in is a 10 below and on down kind of activity, does that sound cold to you Graham?

  3. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    Do you have to plug your car in at the store? Oh MY!

    • I KNOW! Yes, if you are going to be in the store for more than an hour, and it is 10 below or lower … you gotta plug in. A lot of people just keep their cars running …. for hours while they are in the movies or at the dentist … strange, strange world.

  4. Peggy Bernardis

    Love you, Katie!!!! Hang in there!!! All these experiences will make you so grateful for so many things we all take for granted!! Thanks for sharing.
    Now when I start my car, cordless, I will give a huge sigh of relief!
    xoxoxo peggy

  5. I noticed you made sure to park far away from the other cars… you are a quick learner!