Top-O-The-Mornin’ To Ya

This may or may not be what I'm wearing and doing today. Did I tell you things are strange up here?

Got your green on?  Got your groove on?  Well, then, lad or lassie, top o the mornin’ to ya, from the top o the world!

May the Luck of the Irish be with you today and forever more.

Love and Shamrocks,



3 responses to “Top-O-The-Mornin’ To Ya

  1. Top o the mornin’ to you. hey, i’m green with envy..we don’t have any such green things here in Wellsboro.

  2. That is a Morph Suit. You to can buy one but if you are like me you would dress up just because it was the third Wednesday after the second Tuesday. Or just because no other laundry is clean. bwaahahahahah. Just happy to hear the weather is turning a corner for you. I get the winter sads so I would probably really go coockcoo.