REJUVENATION? anyone? anyone?

It’s Friday.  And I have a question for you.  When you feel knock-down, drug-out, snot-beat-out-of you tired; listless, and like you just REALLY could go for a little break-skee, what do you do to rejuvinate?

Because I have a friend …


PS – wandering aimlessly around target / the mall / an outdoor run or walk  / dropping the kids off and grandma’s / going to a friend’s house are all wonders of rejuvenation, but just won’t work in this particular friend’s case.  Thanks for helping my friend.  She really appreciates it.


14 responses to “REJUVENATION? anyone? anyone?

  1. Tell your friend to plan a trip. Not take one – but plan one. Often times I find the anticipation and planning is an enjoyable experience. This will cost your friend nothing but the time invested. She can write down all of the things she would pack and, upon arriving at the destination, write down all of the things she would like to do. It always makes me smile as it puts an idle moment in motion. Sometimes smoking a doobie will enhance the experience. The beauty is that the world is there for the taking. Start planning. Keep writing. Let us know where your friend is planning on going.

    • Thanks Sharron! My friend is partial to Colorado. In the summertime. Perhaps with a mountain jaunt to Aspen? And a family wedding? Lovely. Don’t you think?

  2. I also have gone with Sharon’s line of thinking. The other day I was thinking about Havana, Cuba. I have never been there but I did a little google research and the city is colorful and fascinating. It did indeed lift my spirits.

  3. The movies!

  4. I like the idea of a virtual traveler. I also think your friend should check out this amazing blog that has entertained 100’s~literally~ of people over the past several months. It has been funny, tender, sweet and sad..sometimes all within the same sentence. I think your friend will enjoy the insight this person has and realize what a gift she has and has been to many. Really, check it out it’s called alaskerella> Hang in there kaboodles! reread your stuff -it is really good/great! maybe a book deal or movie is in all this “adventure” who knows?

  5. Little chi o sis

    Usually I just watch back to back episodes of what ever trashy reality tv series is on E! Or I call a an old friend. Your adventures in Alaska sound amazing andI love reading your blog! Miss you!

  6. Try a spa day. Or, if that’s not possible, a long bath or get a pedicure. Gossip magazines and some candy always help too. 🙂

  7. I go hiking…or a long walk outdoors if hiking is not an option. Preferably somewhere away from the blare of horns, sirens, and the like.