I’m Back!

Ears back?! Means run.

HI!  It’s me!  It’s me, Katie!  You know, the girl clinging to the edge of the world? Well, I’m still clinging!

Did you wonder?

Did I get abducted by the northern lights?

Did I get trampled by a moose?

Did I get wampooned by spring break and a week stock full of kid time?

Did my blog platform (wordpress!) crash (!) and lose a “big” post leaving me so frustrated I went on non-typing terms for a few days with my sweet little Apple?

Did my computer power cord break and leave me in a Fairbanks state of waiting for the Computer store’s next shipment?

Did I lose my mind in a possessed “spring” cleaning frenzy?

Did I get a job as a Liberty Tax Outdoor Dancer?

Did I get mauled by a hungry and sex starved “spring” bear?

Did I get caught up in the Save-The-Musk-Ox Rally and take it to the road?

Did I throw myself into welding?

Did I get so bummed out about being SO far away that I laid on my floor for two weeks straight in a totally catatonic state?

Or, did you hardly even notice it’s been a little quiet from my tip of the planet?

Did I miss you?

Yes. YES!  And YES!  (to all but a few of these).  And the last one? Like Crazy.

And now, I’m back!

Missed you more.

A’Rella.  Yours, forever (or at least until my world implodes again…)


5 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. So glad to have you back. I check your blog every day and I missed your humor and pictures. Whatever the reason…you’re entitled to time off. Don’t let us fans guilt you into blogging every day.

  2. ..of course you know i was worried by your disappearance; and happy, relieved and jumping for joy that you’re back. don’t you ever scare us (your faithful bloggees) like that ever again! OR i’ll have to come up there & have a word with you.

  3. Welcome Back Blogeroni! I feared leather straps from some Husky Dog-Sledding Team tangled about your legs dragging you through frozen creeks and seldom seen ravines behind an unruly pack of howlers. It’s good to know my daily highlight has resurfaced from the late side of the moon. Carry On!

  4. While I missed you, I had complete faith in Mitch to keep you safe. Besides, you would never give up with those beautiful babies to keep you motivated. Glad you are back in the funny papers.

  5. Welcome back, A-rella! I thought your visitor might give you time and motivation to give us an update. Hope you’re all having delightful times.