2,500 Miles from Denver, Colorado

and Grandma has arrived in the Great White North!

Spring Break Twenty Eleven!!! Grandma’s gone WILD!

Here's a look at her itinerary.

It’s pro’lly gonna get pretty crazy.

Calling M-TV

Reality TV in the Making,


Grandma? Do you know the way out of here?


16 responses to “2,500 Miles from Denver, Colorado

  1. Couldn’t BE a more gorgeous woman in a get up like that Giddy!!

  2. Cherry Blossom

    Wow! Major Grandma Points! Both Fall Break AND Spring Break in Fairbanks? My, how she loves you all. And, how much fun! I’ve got to say, they really do take advantage of those temps! An outdoor ice tunnel? Common, how awesome is that?

    Sending you warm vibes and hoping you have a meltdown* soon!

    Cherry Blossom

    *as in snow, ice and local tempers dissolving away into joyous signs of spring.

  3. Cherry Blossom

    P.S. If memory serves me correctly, your mom’s dog, Ajax, from many moons ago, looked like the dogs pulling her in the sleigh. Hmmm… or maybe, I was too busy chewing multiple packs of Bubbalicious at age 9 to really remember.

    Just thought you would enjoy this random thought!

    • I am SO glad you noticed. Because all she kept saying was, “This dog looks JUST like Ajax.” and, “I had a dog JUST like this, Ajax.” and, “Did you ever see a picture of my dog, Ajax?” !!! Good eye bubbalicious!

  4. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    Finn say’s he wants to do the tunnel sometime!

  5. Maleia and Brady

    Happy SB’11! We wanted to skype with you crazy spring breakers but we’ve come to find that our place is wi-fi free 😦 Thinking of you all and missing you! Take a mush for us we’ll take a run for you.

    Lots of love from the boat,
    Maleia and Brady

  6. Mother of the Year! Kudos to her adventurous spirit and love for her family. Alaskarella, I think you need to give her a “blog-name” of her own. Janellerella? Granny’s Gone Wilderella? I’m just sayin’ that lady’s kind-of-special! Cabo San Lucas or Fairbanks for Spring Break? mmmm – must be something in the water.

  7. LOVE that your mom is there. Give her a hug for me. Have a great time. 🙂

  8. Chauncey is one jealous dog! I should never have let him see this.