An Arctic Playground

Arctic Lucy-Go-Round!  Plus, ice park music is awesome.

Ice Slides are Slick!

These BIG slides are sick. (I'm so cool).

A-maze-ing Ice Castle!

I can't believe no one's cracked their head open yet. (that I know of)

Rocking Ice Dog

Halibut on Ice

It's endless.

And the best part?

The warming hut. Complete with Cheetos and Capri Sun. Can it get any better? (no).


No wonder people travel from all over the world to experience the Fairbanks Ice Park!

We, apparently, hailed from Ecuador.

It was totally worth the trip.

So much fun I (almost) hate to see it all melt away,



13 responses to “An Arctic Playground

  1. Peggy Bernardis

    BRRRRTIFUL!!!!! And such athleticism by Zoey, such balance on that slippery tortoise!! Our love to you from the suburb of the mile high city!

  2. Cherry Blossom

    One thing comes to mind:

    Love you all!

    Cherry Blossom

  3. Cherry Blossom

    Okay two things: I love that you all are clearly getting acclimated to the weather. McBeanie in only a pullover and in one pic doing the Michael Jackson* one glove look, Rella wearing no hat, and the girls with no face warmers! I just checked the Fairbanks weather (saved as a favorites) and it is high of only 20 degrees! You all are acting like this is a heat wave!


    Cherry Blossom


    • YOU!! YOU Are SO astute! Your observations are detective like! And your humor, well, that plus the heatwave video made even the laid up lady laugh. (as did your comment to D.S. on facebook!) Even in 2-D, you crack me up.

  4. Great to see the cubs. Guess we can’t visit the ice park in July. I’m putting it on the list for March 2012.

  5. Deb Ondrasik

    It feels like just yesterday that we were having a fun day together at the ice park! I miss you guys. Tell the girls I say hi!!!!

    • HI! they say back! That was fun. Thank Goodness for the season pass! We keep on going back. And, everytime it is a little warmer, and more slippery! We miss you. Got the BEST card from you guys! Where in the world did you get that? It is so funny. It’s on our fridge.

  6. I just love Alaskarella, I wish it would go on forever!

  7. Who knew places like this existed. I guess if they can have water parks an ice park makes sense in the frozen north. Looks like it was a fun day for all.