I know it’s April Fool’s Day,

But this is not a joke. Nor is it a cankle. Rather, it is Arctic Folly #4,789,000.

Can you point to where it hurts? (No, we didn't lose any toenails. They just weren't pedi-ready.)

Have you ever seen your mom fall?  How about your baby?  How about your mom, while she’s holding your baby?

Then you know the feeling of helpless, terror in slow motion too, huh?  Let’s start a support club.

Thankfully, Lucy is fine.  Unthankfully, carrying her while crossing the perilous, icy parking lot, meant not being able to catch herself when Grandma lost her footing.  Now poor grandma is laid up on her spring break vacation with a sprained ankle. Damn it.

Damn Ice.   Damn Ice Town.

This incident (and thousands of Fairbanks Follies prior to this) begs only one question.

Why did we ever even step outside?  I don’t know. I honestly don’t.

But I can promise you this: We won’t do it again.  (We’ve got the ankle to stop us if we even try it).

And, our resolve not to go outside makes the following item even that much more ridiculous:

Scarier than a speculum. This metal thing with screws, and cramps, and sharp metal spikes ...

It's an ice-pic, crampon type thing for her CANE! So, don't mess with Grandma!

This? This was clearly not part of the Spring Break 2011 Grandma's Gone WILD itinerary. Ice Follies and Spring Break on Ice have taken on a whole new meaning.

God love her, she's still smiling.

God love her, so do we.

We love you Grandma.  No matter what your degree of pain and mobility may or may not be, we’re still so glad you’re here.  I’m just so sorry you got hurt.

Please Send Healing Vibes (and reading recs for Grandma’s Kindle),



9 responses to “I know it’s April Fool’s Day,

  1. That is a total arctic bummer….but she does look pretty comfy cuddled up on that fur throw with the two little cubs. sure hope it’s feeling much better for the flight.

  2. Hillary Clinton

    Did you say cankles? My ears are burning!

    Okay, even with a swollen ankle, Janella still wins the award of having the skinniest ankles. I am SO sorry this happened. Is there a doctor in the house?

    Bill sends his best wishes and says he would be happy to snuggle on the couch too!


  3. Ouwwchiwowwa! Hobble Time in Fairbanks. Spring Break in Mexico – you get sun-burned. Spring Break in Alaska – you get ice-slipped. Sometimes the pain in the getaway makes you wonder. Feel better Grandma Janel.

  4. mama clarke

    Hey everyone thanks so much for your well wishes. I just want you to know I am so happy Lucy is okay! And I do want you to know we were running down a wooden sidewalk because I was concerned about Lucy being cold. No coat! Turns out there were other dangers lurking around the corner for both of us. Very scary – could have been worse. Visions of Peggy’s elbow. The couch, food, meds and care taking is good here in AK. I love my pint sized nurses.

  5. Peggy Bernardis

    OUCH NELLIE!!!!!! I can relate and empathize!!!!!! Happy healing and tons of love !!!!! Your solemate, Peggy

  6. Janel. I’m so impressed that you sacrificed yourself to save Lucy! What a grandma. I hope the pain stops soon. You look comfy with your little nurses.

  7. This would NOT have happened at Turtle Bay girls! Now where the hell are you? I’m still circling the airport, running low on gas! S.O.S! Feel better soon Miss Katie’s Momma!

  8. mama clarke

    Right on Brooke!

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