I couldn’t decide what to write…

So I decided on nothing.

My inner selves are arguing to no avail.

I think I belong in Washington.

Alaskarella for Senate!


5 responses to “I couldn’t decide what to write…

  1. But please don’t take my money. I need it. For cheese and wine. Even if the cheese is velveeta and the wines in a box.

  2. Let them eat squeeze cheese!

  3. we’re back from st louis. i read and enjoyed every single blog post while there but didn’t comment as i was not on my own computer and couldn’t remember my sign-in password. hope you missed me like i missed you a week or so ago.

    • I did! I knew your where abouts, so wasn’t worried — but there was an undeniable void in my life! Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great trip. Welcome back! (I guess I mean it double because I said it twice!)