Write on, Howard!

This is Howard. He's my cousin.*

These days he looks more like this, all grown up and worldly. How was Peru Howard?

For the past decade or so, HJJ has been living in up in New York, New York. He writes ads for tiny mom-and-pops you prob never heard of (Mercedes Benz? Reebok? CNN? what?).

And now …

He writes books.

He’s an author!  Of a book!  A real book!   101 Reasons to Leave New York; it’s a quick, witty, honest and insightful read for anyone who lives, has lived, wants to live, or wonders what it would be like to live in N – Y – C.

You gotta read it because 1. Howard is awesome; and 2. It’s gonna be good.  It’s available here: amazon.

Howard Jordan, Jr? You inspire me. And now, can you set up a meeting between me and your agent? (Just kidding, kind of ... )

Who among us wants to write a book?

Who among us does it?

Howard Jordan, Jr, that’s who.

Congrats Cousin!

Feeling full of 101 reasons to go for the gusto and live the dream, (and in the meantime I’m waiting out by the mailbox for my copy to arrive),

Cousin Admirella

* 1.1 reasons Howard is my cousin:

1. He’s my grandma D.J.’s favorite friend.  He lifted her up on the Brooklyn Bridge the very first time they met.  She told the story 101 times, like this, “And then this six-foot-tall black man starts walking straight toward me.  He walks right up to me!  It’s freezing cold.  I’m wearing a “no-joke-down-coat” down to my ankles and can barely move.  Without a word, he embraces my entire body in a great big bear hug and lifts me up off the ground!  My feet are dangling in the air!  Turns out, I’m quite fond of him.”  (And that makes him my cousin.)

1.1. He’s of the same addy family as my cousin, Jenna.  So, he knows me as “Jenna’s cousin, Katie.”  Which made me, “cousin, Katie.”  Which made him, “cousin, Howard.”  It’s so great to have success flourishing in the family!


5 responses to “Write on, Howard!

  1. DYING of that baby/kid picture of Howard! I wanna eat him UP!!! I really wanna get this book because I have never even been to NYC and have always dreamed of it! HOward the Hero!

  2. ..already ordered the book. and if he’s your cousin, then he must be my cousin-in-law.

  3. Great pictures of Howard! Now how many cousins do you have?

  4. Jenna Capobianco

    HAH! This totally made me smile. I’m so happy to have my cousin Katie and cousin Howard in my life. Katie- your book is next ma chere!