History Repeating ???

Recently, My Grandpa Phil showed up (via my Cousin Jenna, the US Postal Service, and the magic of film) at my arctic abode to remind me, "Hey, I was a doctor too."

"And I also, along with your grandma, did my away-from-home military stint at the start of my career."

"We started our family, and had babies and little kids, far from the help of our extended families and support networks."

"Eventually, our far from home stint was over. We moved back to Colorado, and our family grew some more."

"And it all turned out just fine. Better than fine."

"Life is fleeting. So enjoy."

Is this all, minus adding 9 more kids to the mix, just part of history repeating?

I’d like to think so.




9 responses to “History Repeating ???

  1. The photograph style reminds me of Mad Men, I live in the wrong decade! 😀

    • I know Cato! Let’s jump to a decade of debonair. (And btw, your blog is fabulous. So intellectual. I think you’re the next Gersh in the making).

  2. Peggy Bernardis

    Katie, know that your Grandpa and Grandma Dear are 2 of many angels up in heaven looking after all of you!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Love you so much, from the “little girl in pink with the piggy tails”, which by the way were most probably fixed by the hot teenager in the lime green dress!

    • Girl in Pink – you are adorable! Aren’t you all so classy? Like Kennedy esque. Only better. And my 2 angles worked miracles today! I JUST found “something” happened and another person wanted the spot in Iraq that Mitch was slated for, meaning, he’s staying stateside! Cue the classical music. I am singing Hallelujah!

  3. Peggy Bernardis

    Oh that’s the best news!!!! I am having a Corona right now to toast the young man who wants Mitch’s spot!!!! Congratulations!!!!! So happy for all of you!!!

  4. Great posting! I love your family. Best to all.

  5. Love your blogs Alaskarella – You are a great writer – you make everything so interesting. Thanks Diana G aka ‘Nana’

  6. Great post! And, OMG Bernie looks exactly like your grandpa 🙂

  7. Jenna Capobianco

    Just read this. I’m elated and teary and so glad Mitch will be staying stateside. And like Peggy, I will have a toast tonight to the man taking Mitch’s post in Iraq.
    Thanks for posting this lovely story. Glad the pics made it. xoxome