Melt Up is Here! (Internet/ TV is Not).

Our "Hoppy" Family

is thrilled the Easter Bunny brought SUNSHINE and warmth (it's like 50!) to the Great White North!

The melt off is underway! Bonus: we can go outside again! Bummer: the melt off and the uneven ground it creates has thrown our sattelite dishes off kilter. Meaning we are without TV and internet until everything literally settles down and our "signal receivers" are all on solid ground again.

So, the blog (and my tv and internet lifestyle!) is on hiatus for the next few days? Week? Couple weeks? Month? How long can one melt-off take? (TBD)

I guess it's all part of the ride.

In the mean time, I hope your days are full of warmth, love, and someone wearing cowgirl boots to give you a gentle push should you need it.

See you soon!

Be well,



8 responses to “Melt Up is Here! (Internet/ TV is Not).

  1. Another cute post. Thanks Alaskarella for the sunshine. It was a biking day for the whole fam damily from CO to AK!

  2. These are such cute pictures. How great that you can see the ground and feel some warmth. Little kids sure love boots, don’t they. I’ll miss your posts and hope you will be up and blogging very soon.

  3. I know how you feel without satellite, our TV decided to die on Sunday evening so I’m stuck watching my computer when a Tornado Warning is issues (which makes me very unhappy!). I hope the melt up keeps chugging along so the ground settles soon. ❤

  4. ahhh..the sunshine & smiles, a sure sign of spring. and the easter bunny visit just seals the deal. hope you’re not offline for too long.

  5. These pics are adorable – SUCH cute girls, and so grown up! Like that family photo, too. Thanks for sharing the oddities of your Northern Exposure life; who would have thought the spring thaw would knock out your TV and internet? Fifty degrees… everything’s relative.

  6. Missing you!

  7. Time for you to come back to blogland. Thanks.

  8. Jenna Capobianco

    Geez!!!! How do you take these pics? Next career = photographer. Work it! Own it! Love it!