Signs Your TV and Computer are out of Commission:

so true.

Three – maybe four – signs your satellite (and internet and TV) and in response to that, maybe even you, are a little “off:”

1. Your house is clean.  Like really clean.   Beds made, closets cleaned out, laundry folded and put away on a daily basis, floors and floorboards … it (was) spiffy!

2. You are on your fifth book – of the week.  In the absence of Bethenny, I read her book “Coming from a Place of Yes,”  I also read Switch, Flourish, and Shirley Maclaine’s latest book, “I’m Over All That.”  Inspiring, thought provoking, a little crazy, and entertaining – not necissarily in that order.

3.  You wrote a book!  A children’s book.  The hilarious part is that I also (attempted) to illustrate it.  If I get brave, maybe I’ll share it on the blog.   If I get smart, I’ll burn it in attempt to keep the accumuliating pile of “She’s gone crazy!” evidence at bay.

4. You started listening to the sounds of nature.  (What?)  I know.

One sign your signal is back on: house is a mess and mama don’t care! She’s smiling like a lunatic with drool spilling onto the keyboard as she click, click, clicks away and has no idea what #4 was all about of if any of that nonsense even happened.

So good to be reunited with you again!  I LOVE cyberspace more than I love Alaska. (and that is not a joke.),


So true. Thanks for meeting me here. 🙂


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