Fire. Fire on the Mountain.

The ridge behind our house is on fire.

We are totally safe. I am in awe of the little, and LOUD!, airplanes and helicopters that keep zooming over our house and for the people who are parachuting out of them and disappearing into the smoke. It's an incredible thing to witness. Brave. Brave. Brave. It amazes me what people will do to help people. Quite an amazing species, I think.

As we drove away from our watch spot, it crossed my mind for one tenth of a second .... what if all this May 21 stuff is true? And you know what the answer was? It's been a great ride. I've been so lucky to be from such a fantastic family; meet such amazing friends and heros along the way; and create a little world I love. If we really are going out, I'm going out happy.

I don’t think we are going out.  At all.  But what I realized as I pondered “what if?” was this: I’m having a good ride!  Overall,  I’m happy and I love my little world!    …  and smoke jumpers are amazing souls.

I’m so glad my “ride” includes you  — and the smoke jumpers.

To May 21, 2011 – and everyday for that matter – being a day of beautiful revelation,


What will May 22, 2011 be like for this guy? (photo credit:


8 responses to “Fire. Fire on the Mountain.

  1. Katie, The pictures are very scary. I hope you are all safe. Take care and have your “special things” ready to grab if the fire gets closer!

    • Thinking of your sister, I was ready to go if we got the call! Now, the fire has moved … I’ve never experienced anything like this and now have a greater appreciation and understanding of what those CA wildfires must be like for you and your family, Ronnie. Let’s hope for a “wet” summer.

  2. mama clarke

    How scary – I have a zillion questions. Are your bags packed? Do they have reverse 911 calls in Fairbanks? Have you gotten to know your neighbors as you watch the fire? Is it smaller? or larger than yesterday? I am worried about you! Just to confirm a theme here. It is not the end of the world!

    • we do have reverse 911, and in the warning test, it works at our house. We did have our car ready and I did sleep in my clothes just in case we had to get up and go … the fire is bigger now, but also further away. (Day 1 we were close, it was literally burning by moose mountain – remember where we drove to see the n. lights and got out of the car in that mailbox bank? right there.) Now, on day 3 it’s moved back. And we are not on call / under the constant roar of fire planes path anymore.

  3. ..amazing pix. So glad you are all safe and the fire is moving away from your little house in the woods. See you soon.

  4. Holy cow!! That is one crazy fire! Glad to hear you guys are okay and it’s moving away from you guys rather than closer. So excited for your summer visit but sad I’m going to miss you in Seattle 😦 good thing you guys will be here sooner than later!

    Lots of love to you all!

    • Seattle is going to be so memorable. Are you sure you can’t come?! No, I know, the timing is really tough with the end of the year … why Thursday? To August and everything after. 🙂 (name that album group)