Take a dip in the Fairbanks Swimming Hole?

We don’t have no outdoor pools in these here parts.  But it’s summer and gettin’ hot enough to swim!  I’m told it gets up into the 90’s around here some summer days (yippee!).

So, I was pointed to the local swimming hole, and my gal and I went to check it out …

The Swimmin' Hole.


Swimming in a pool.  Reason number 5,789 we are headed out of these parts to a few other parts for a few weeks this summer.

Splish-splash, ribbit, ribbit,



4 responses to “Take a dip in the Fairbanks Swimming Hole?

  1. Sebastian just said, “Why does she have water in her world? I thought she just had snow . Oh well, that’s my girlfreeyund.” Oh Seb. Zoey looks so stinkin cute here though! We’ll keep the water clean here for ya.

  2. euhhhh….even our swimming hole in our yard looks more inviting than that there one….and we can always go to the Penn Wells fitness center for a dip while you’re here.