Pop the Champagne!

Five years ago ...


and a whole lot in between those pics! (i.e.: five different jobs; two life-altering surprises; 100 pounds gained and lost (all me), a little botox “for the headaches” (all him); one surgery to cease all “surprises;” one far, far, away move to an island in the middle of the Pacific; one even further move into arctic destitude; a handful of forever friends made and left behind on the tiny isle; a litteny of child care providers; untold air miles logged (99.9% allocated towards seeing far, away family, thrice we island hopped); 50 plus over night house guests (yes, we counted); four years of sleep-fragmentation; four years of breast feeding and the two National Geographic worthy food tubes I’ve garnered; short sales, credit card debts, endless grocery lists, laundry piles, and a constant search for sippy cups …)

From a two-seater, convertible, steel grey BMW roadster to a subaru named “Muffin” with two car seats in the back …

No matter what the landscape, vehicle, or co-passengers; there’s no one I’d rather ride with.

Today we’re five.  High five!  I’m proud of us.


P.S. to celebrate we went out to dinner and ate out on the deck … and, guess what?!  It rained on us! 🙂 How apropos!


15 responses to “Pop the Champagne!

  1. I am so glad I know you two. I really am. Congratulations on one of many many wonderous celebrations of your love!

  2. Peggy Bernardis

    You are both remarkable!!!! Congrats on your five!! We will raise our glasses to you, from all the Beberrettes, (lilly’s bday, 11, ) party at Armidas, wish you could be with us to rock the stage!!! Keep up the strong work!!! Love you and can’t wait to party with you at High Altititude in July!!!

    • Happy Birthday Lilly!!! I am so there with you and all the Bieberettes singing “Today is the birthday!” to Bieber’s (and our) Lil’ Lady!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Five years! Way to go! Hope you two had a great and very special day 🙂

    Lots of love to you!
    Maleia and Brady

  4. Maureen Clarke

    Alive after Five! Way to go! Congratulations on this special day. I will toast you both at Armida’s (Lilly’s birthday party venue.) I can’t wait to clink a glass with you in person!

  5. Happy Anniversary Katie and Mitch. You certainly have had an interesting five years, haven’t you. Here’s to many more. Enjoy each day together, along with your little additions!

  6. Capital Connection

    Happy Anniversary B-a-b-y— got you on my … m-i-n-d. I kinda feel like it is my duty to incorporate bad music from past decades into my posts. Hope you enjoy the tunes!

    Anyhow, in honor of your 5 year anniversary, I went out with 5 girlfriends for Thai food and to see Bridesmaids. If it isn’t playing in Alaska yet, you are in for a treat. Truly laugh out loud funny (possibly even snort, slap your knee, and grab the person next to you funny). You will love it!

    Great job on 5 years! Love to you all!

  7. Mother of the Bride

    We’re celebrating your Anniversary in WP where it all went down five years ago. There’s still a bit of white stuff on the hillside and the creek is rushing high with the run-off. We’re about to take Chauncey up into the forest for his favorite activity – a free run in the woods. Hope your weekend is memorial and the girls and Mitchell are in fine form.

    • mama clarke

      I did not write this! I miss you four and wish we were there to toast your anniversary. Hope your anniversary is memorable! I know your wedding was. Love you lots

  8. Echoes of Love

    The Doobie Bros. sang it and our dancing would have made Kirstie Alley and Hines Ward runner-ups. A most memorable day/evening we banked five years ago. Thank God for the College Inn and Trivia Night. A big shout-out of love and congratulations from Winter Park!

  9. Congrats on five beautiful and full years! Here’s to all of your adventures and a bit of rest ahead!

  10. Yes…I am catching up on my comments after getting back from VA. You two are still glowing after 5. a good sign. see you very soon.

  11. Aww….I remember that amazing day so well! Happy Anniversary! Missing all of you!

  12. It’s been forever and a half since I’ve been able to read your blog; just catching up now. Congrats on 5 years!!!! You guys look great!

    and I totally understand the endless search for sippy cups…haha