36 Hour Trip!

Is that Denali?

Where in the world is Alaskarella? Hint: Not Fairbanks!

I’m off to my first wedding of the 2011 wedding season.  I have a 36 hour pass to flee the arctic, cruise Target (!) and Pike’s Market, Raise My Glass (!) to the brides … and then I’ll be back on Friday to pick my girls up from pretty school. Whew!

It’s my first trip away from my two little people.    I’m really excited.  But, and please don’t tell anyone this, I’m really glad it’s just one night!

To my Cousin Dana and her Bride Betsy!  I am so inspired by each of you living your truth and committing to a marriage within it no matter what public opinion says. (Can you imagine if the government and/ public opinion had to weigh in on each of our marital partner choices?!).   Politics aside – or not – I’m so happy for each of you.

I’m so glad I get to be there, in person, along with my brother, my parents, aunts, and uncles … We’re all going to be there to raise our glasses, to you!

Seattle here I come,


P.S.  Betsy and Dana created the best wedding website I’ve ever seen.  If you want to know more about them; gay marriage; or how to create the most guest-friendly wedding website, check it out:  Betsy & Dana Wedding Website.


2 responses to “36 Hour Trip!

  1. Enjoy your short-lived freedom… a well-deserved break for you. I did check out Betsy & Dana’s website…super, as I’m sure the wedding will be. Have 36 hours of fun, fun, fun…

    • It was fun!! all 36 hours! And now it’s like I’m right back in the saddle with a little bit of delight in my bones.