I Heart Seattle.

so, so, so, so, so, so good.

10 years ago I went on a cross country bike trip and along the way we didn’t encounter much hot water  … a hot shower became the most decadently delightful thing.

Now, that I’m living in the woods, it’s that way with Target.  And my brief encounter with my mother-ship store in Seattle … it was delicious.  As was a little time with my family; a night out on the town!; the energy of a city (!), and the most unexpected delight? A few solid hours of sleep in a dark, cool, quiet hotel room.   Luxurious.  It was so short, but so sweet.

nice scarf.

The best part?  My homecoming.  My girls were SO excited to see me.  And it went both ways.

Back in the back woods (but not for long!),


P.S.  A heartfelt thank you to Alaskafella, our babysitter Stacy, and the wedding in Seattle that made it all possible.


3 responses to “I Heart Seattle.

  1. will you be wearing target to the wedding?????

    • :)! I wish! Actually, I think I’ll be donning a vintage number from the high school homecoming line, circa 1996! I’m trying not to eat from now until then (but it’s not going very well so far!).

  2. What’s a guy need to do to get a photo credit? It was fun, see you at the next wedding.