We’re Off!

I'm the girl in blue! We're at the airport waiting for the red-eye ... Why in the world does getting my foursome ready to vacation take me two straight days of run around?! I think I need therapy.

We'll be flying (and layovering) all through the night ... with two toddlers. Dear God, I must be crazy. I think I need therapy.

And then, once we get to the East Coast, we're going to rent a car and drive all day with exhausted tiny (and full size) travelers. Are we insane? I think we need therapy.

And then … for the next week … we’ll be in Fairbanks sister city, Wellsboro, PA. A lot like Fairbanks, only hotter and closer to Target … AND complete with Grandparents; Aunts; Uncles; and cousins … it might be like therapy!

Especially the wedding part. 🙂

Pass the Kleenex,


*PS – did you see my aunt Pistol Patty on QVC this morning?!  FUNtastic! http://www.qvc.com/qvc.product.H192046.html?&bvtab=QA


3 responses to “We’re Off!

  1. Even if you’re crazy, I still love you! Have a blast Crazyrella and try and keep your sanity! xoxo,

  2. hello love! i am so behind, it is great to catch up! congrats on your new job, perfect for you!!! happy anniversary again, love the pics! and happy traveling, sounds like fun times! miss you guys 🙂