Thank you. Sincerely. And Goodbye (for now).

fly baby.

Back from P.A,; whew!  What a trip!

A blog-related highlight?  People saying to me, “Are you Alaskarella?!!  I LOVE your blog!”   Made my whole life worth living.

And on that note, I’ve been meaning to say …  thank you so much, dear reader (a.k.a. support group), for keeping me afloat during the most severe season I’ve ever been dealt.

Thank you, namely, (in no particular order) to Ronnie, Carrie, Sue, Moo Monica, Sweet Marie, Pistol Pat, Dibble, Jenna, Howard, Peggy, Amelia, Brooke-i-dee, Magical “T” Tami, Lauren, Jess, Mo, MaLeia, Brady, God Mama Mary, Betty, Kerry & Ryan, Dave, Heather, Phil, Liz, my parents, and to the person who I am forgetting in this list but not in appreciation (you!), for your regular comments that made me feel less alone, less insane, and often had me laughing as tears slid down my face.

I also appreciated your publicity — really — it made my day to see my blog posted on your facebook status, or to know you told a friend … “I know this crazy girl in Alaska …”

Thank you to Alaskafella, to our cubs, and the seriously insane folk and conditions of Fairbanks, Alaska, and the woman who tried to fight me in the grocery store parking lot for providing daily content.

And with my sincere gratitude, I’ve decided to sign off for a bit.  As of today, Alaskafella’s been tasked a six month stint as Iraqafella starting mid-August. Gasp. Gulp. Gownbwibgbe.

And with that, I’m just all out of words.  And all out of Alaska.

Be well, and thank you again for checking in and supporting us as we clung to the edge of the planet.  You have no idea how much you’ve meant to me through this arctic ordeal.

You’ve given me the strength to say, with conviction, if we could handle that (dark, cold, isolation for days months on end), then we can handle this.

Lots of Love,



16 responses to “Thank you. Sincerely. And Goodbye (for now).

  1. Officer Dibble

    Oh Katie, wishing you were my neighbor so we could go have a latte and just sit … and cry. Sending you big hugs and support through cyberspace and so looking forward to doing it in person.

    Love you all so, so much.


    P.S. When will Mitch become Normalfella?

  2. haha! October of 2013! Normalfella-polluza!

  3. Katie! Will definitely be keeping Alaskafella and all yall in my prayers. Deployments are hard from this side! BUT you just survived winter in ALASKA…you will get through this next challenge! I am certain of that! Safe travels home to CO 🙂

  4. Dandiegorado

    Wow, sorry to hear the news but the sooner it starts the sooner it will be over I guess…. And on the blog front you are one of my few internet go-toos and I may need to start my own blog to fill the hole in my blog universe!!! Have enjoyed Alaskarella greatly… Looking forward to seeing you and the cubs soon… Our love to fella

  5. Katie, I’m sorry that Mitch will be off to Iraq, but wish him well. Your family will be happy to have you and the girls in Denver. I hope to see you there. I’ll miss your blog, but will keep up with you on Facebook I guess. You’ve inspired me in many ways!!

  6. mijotwinlove

    Oh Katie, I’m sorry M is leaving. I know that’s our biggest fear (I’m almost thinking my M should volunteer, but I didn’t say that…) 6 months will FLY by & if you’re with family & friends – you got this girl! I will be keeping all 4 of you in my thoughts & prayers! Please keep us updated somehow on FB or something! I think I’m going to have withdrawals from Alaskarella!!

  7. Oh my, Katie. I am so sorry. I am speechless and unfortunately have no advice to share but know we will be here to support you and can’t wait to watch the girls for you! While this news brings you to Colorado in a sad way, we will have lots of fun times to help the time fly by! Please send my very best to Mitch and looking forward to lots of hugs in August.

    As for no more Alaskarella, do you think you could maybe create a Denverella or Coloradorella?? I will miss your blog so so much! If not, we must get together at least once a week where you can tell me funny stories which make tears run down my cheeks! Deal?

    With lots of love and admiration,

  8. Renee Sanders

    I ditto Maleia’s thoughts….what will I (selfishly) do without reading Alaskarella?? I have loved, loved ,loved sharing your Alaskan adventure and although I know this is a tough 6 months coming up for all of you, I know you will find the best in it (as you seem to do with everything) and there will be many blessings that come from it ……despite the difficulty you are all facing. With love and thanks for letting us into your life.


  9. Alaskarella-nomo….Ahh Katie, I know you’ve been dreading this day. I think all of your “followers” have been too !! Thank you for being so open about life in the big A. I’ve enjoyed your daily words & feel like I’ve been there-When those strawberries turned to mush, I was soo sad for you-I too, had no idea! You have done such a fantastic job chronicling your time in a different world…I mean-environment (that must be the DJ in you)…..Have you considered continuing the blog to 6montharella? Noting the ups & downs of adjusting to another move-new life ? I know you’d have quite a few continued followers !! Big hug to you & the fam. Thanks again-for leaving the door open & sharing with me your Alaska-see you (maybe?) next month………Joely

  10. Katie,
    I’m so sad to hear that Mitch will be in Iraq for a bit but I know you will get through it with those precious little girls of yours. Your blog has been awesome so I hope you find the inspiration to become Denverella for a while. I feel like we have regained our friendship a bit and you have definitely provided a smile to my day on more than just one occasion. Best of luck with the relocation and the stint of separation from Mitch. If you find yourself in Chicago, please let me know! Happy Summer!

  11. All of my good wishes to you, Mitch and the girls. Hope you rethink your blog decision. I’m an addict and this could mean some serious withdrawal pain. Safe passage Mitchell! Look forward to seeing you Alaskarella. Love, Phil

  12. aw. thanks one and all. for your support. and love. turns out, i have to keep blogging for a bit! i needed a way to get something on the internet to show igloo pics … and i know no other way! i’m an addict much more than any of you! so, see you around the blog! and soon in the neighborhood!

  13. melorajohnson

    I’ve just started enjoying your blog. I think people would enjoy your views no matter where they were coming from, and you may find the support singularly helpful in the months to come. Blessings on you and your family.

  14. Oh girl! I didn’t know…..I’m sorry to hear Mitch is being deployed!!!! I’ve been a very bad Alaskarella reader lately….been waylaid by life…..I will keep Mitch and you and the girls close in our prayers! Keep the posts rolling because you are FANTASTIC at this!!!

    Love and hugs from TN!

  15. Jenna Capobianco

    katie- just read this. we love you so much and though we are so sad to see mitch go, we can’t wait to borrow you for a while here in d-town. love love love, jenna

  16. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    Thinking of you!