Our new abode


This is our house.   As of today, we’ve been here, back in the arctic, one month!   Just 18 months to go.


This is our grill.  As of two days ago, we grilled chicken on it.  Since then we’ve experienced a bit of snow.

Just 18 months and 58,908 feet of snow to go!



4 responses to “Our new abode

  1. Heather Vogler

    Thinking about you guys! Aaron and Michael are sooooo jealous of their couins with swings in their house, how fun!!The video of Lucy- that is too much, lol.

  2. Glad that you are back. I was afraid that you were still stuck at Lowe’s. Oh my, so much snow! I won’t mention that it’s expected to be 77 degrees here tomorrow. Hope your foot is healing well. Send pics of the house when you get a chance. Any house with inside swings must be very interesting.

  3. Hi Heather! The swings are fun … come on up! Ronnie, 70 degrees?! I am SO jealous! I will do a house photo tour soon!

  4. OMG…just think what that would be in inches! No…maybe it’s better if you don’t go there.
    Hey, I thought your house was bigger than that…