No More Monkies Jumpin’ On The …


This,  +


This,  + endless months of (brrrrr!) this …


…. plus a life time obsession with this (here’s a link to the sure-to-make-you-smile scene:


Equals ….



ImageWhoa, Daddy!


If this isn’t happiness, I don’t know what is.

I always wanted an indoor trampoline,




11 responses to “No More Monkies Jumpin’ On The …

  1. who said 58,908 feet of snow couldn’t be fun!

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! What amazing memories your little ladies will have of these 18 months. Can’t wait for the tour of the entire house. 🙂

  3. Glad to hear from you, AKrella, and to see smiles on your faces! Thinking maybe Mitch should be a last-minute addition to our Summer Olympics team in London…

  4. NO WAY!!! You are my role model in all things fun!

  5. Margy Rimland

    So much fun! The Marzo house is the place to be in Fairbanks!

  6. This is awesome! I LOVE it!!!

  7. Will Farrell

    Mitch is looking good for the “best cheer ” ever.

  8. Wow….can I come live in your house? It looks like so much fun! Swings….trampolines….what more fun can you have in a house? I am so impressed at the fun life you are giving your little girls. You rock Katie!

  9. Such fun as you reveal one room at a time. First a room with swings, then another with a trampoline. I’m guessing that you have an indoor pool or ski jump hidden inside the house somewhere! Seriously, I’m impressed with how you are finding fun no matter where you are. Your posts make me smile.

  10. Was wondering how you were holding up … with the addition of an indoor trampoline, it looks like pretty well, I’d say & I’m guessing if you can jump, that your foot has healed too? I hope so! You are awesome!

  11. Can I move in with you all? Please? I will jump on the trampoline with Lucy, do art projects, be Ms Michelle (I think that was her name) go for walks, eat way too many snacks and you can….blog ! 🙂