The Great Indoors

This is our great indoors.

Our favorite cook in the kitchen!

Weee! We're looking forward to a few more degrees (we're still sub-zero up here) and the opportunity to venture out. But, in the meantime we're trying to make the most of staying in.

To the great indoors!  (And hoping we can hang in there until the great outdoors becomes a more viable option .. is it June yet?),



6 responses to “The Great Indoors

  1. Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! Hang in there, Alaskarella. It will be summer before you know it!


  2. Looking good…warm & cozy, lots of fun. Way to go Alaskarella…way to show Fairbanks who’s boss.

  3. That Log House looks awesome. What does the guest room look like?

  4. What an amazing house….and it comes with a cook! Lucky you, Keep warm.

  5. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    Our bedtime story tonight was about flying in an airplane to a place far far away to see our friends Katie, Zoey, Lucy and Mitch. We played on indoor swings and jumped on trampolines and snuggled up in a big bed for sleep! Finn said, “can you really have a trampoline inside????!!!” Your life is the stuff of bedtime stories! He is dreaming sweet dreams. Hugs to you guys up there!

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