Home At Last!

Have you ever been to a military homecoming?

It is tears, ear to ear smiles, nervous energy, pure elation, posters, balloons, and sweaty armpits (or was that just me?) all wrapped up in a warehouse with a band playing patriotic songs.  The crowd waits, and waits, and waits ANXIOUSLY to see their dad / husband / mom / son / brother / friend  …

and the one and only Peter Dillon!  He, and his wife Katie, are two of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.  This is Pete’s homecoming welcoming team waiting as tension mounts …

FINALLY!  After a LONG year in Afghanistan, and a long morning of, “Where the heck are they?!” the doors part, the band plays, and in they march!  EVERYONE in the crowd is screaming, waving posters, jumping up and down, standing on chairs …

Someone official says something official – but I don’t know if anyone there could tell you what they said!   Everyone is scanning the sea of camo for their special someone! AND THEN …

There he is!  There she is!  Just to witness this made me cry.

pure elation.

Aren’t they gorgeous?!  And, even better together!

I’m sure this is just a small faction of the “SO GLAD YOU’RE HOME!” Team!  Congrats, Katie and Pete!  Thank you both for your sacrifice.  And, Welcome HOME Pete!

Thanks for letting me share the experience with you this morning, I’m still all tears and smiles.

Here’s to you,



9 responses to “Home At Last!

  1. Maureen Clarke

    And I thought Mitch’s homecoming was special…it’s so cool that you got to be a part of this amazing experience. Thanks for sharing with your fan club!

  2. What an amazing thing to witness! How special! Made me tear up reading your post!

  3. Oh Katie. Seeing pictures of so many people being reunited with their families on their return was so special. I always found it moving when the news showed returning troops in San Diego, but it’s taken on more meaning since Mitch came home. Alaska must have really warmed up! It’s great that you got to photograph it for your friends. I’m glad he’s home safe.

  4. Wonderful story wonderfully expressed…

  5. Thanks guys, it was fun to be on the observation side of it. Love & Miss you!

  6. I love the pictures and the fact that Pete is back home safely! 🙂 🙂

  7. Beautiful & moving post & pix Katie. Such a wonder feeling to see our soldiers home & families together. Makes me realize how lucky our family has been…two sons, Noah & Mitch served in Iraq & came home safely.

  8. renee sanders

    I wasn’t even there and I’m tearing up……beautifully written, as usual. Makes me feel like I was there. So glad you’re back to writing, and so thankful those soldiers are home safely!

  9. It is a wonder what love does….and what our armed forces do in the name of love….of God, of family, of country….thank you for sharing Katie……this made me cry!!!