Blogger Not Blogging

I haven’t been blogging.

Mostly because I don’t have a job and therefore can’t afford to send Lucy to “school.”  (Did I ever tell you mixing a military career, motherhood, living far from family and friends who could help here and there, moving all the time, and being moved to a rural ice box with limited vocational opportunity isn’t exactly the career bliss I’d envisioned?  Recently I read something that said, “The trouble with women is that instead of thinking “That’s the way things are.”  We think, “That’s the way I am.”  This idea liberated me from thinking I am a jobless loser to I am on a temporary career-hiatus due to my spouse’s military career.   Note: I am on a list of approved instructors for the University, if any teaching positions become available, I’m in. So, my fingers are crossed.  But, also one gal I talked to told me she waited a year … so … anyway … )

I’m on “career hiatus” during which time I’m “homeschooling” Lucy.   I just call it “homeschooling” because it makes me feel like my life is more worthwhile.  In reality, she’s 2 and I’ve already taught her everything I know.

Our daily curriculum includes “drawing” “pictures,” jumping on the trampoline, going on walks, playing “Miss Stephanie” (her ballet teacher), eating massive amounts of “snacks,” all while always needing more lemonade …

I can’t even begin to tell you why – but this schedule is exhausting.  By the end of the day I can hardly manage to say, “Please get back in your bed” for the 88th time let alone think of a blog entry.

I thought, maybe I could blog with Lucy (like in her presence) during the day?  I guess I was delirious.

Can you believe she isn’t even the slightest bit interested in being my writing buddy?  Nor is she even willing to try drawing a picture, jumping on the trampoline, going on a walk, playing “Miss Stephanie,” or doing any of the other aforementioned activities on her own.

She thinks slamming the computer screen down on my franticly typing fingers is hilarious.   She mashes the keys.   She stands ON my computer!  And when all this fails, she throws herself into a crying mess – on top of me.

She needs discipline.  I guess our “homeschool” needs to hire a dean.  Excepting that I don’t have a job (see paragraph #2) to pay said fellow.


So, that’s why I haven’t been blogging.

At first when we returned to AK I decided I wasn’t going to blog because a retroactive late summer self-review of my blog revealed something to me: my blog seems to be indicative of a massive need for emotion-regulating medication.

But, in fact, in reality, it was the reason I didn’t  actually need medicine.  It was my medicine.

And I miss it.


this blog post brought to you by:  too much tv for a (sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  Maybe I’ll start implementing (even) more TV /me time because unlike the spray tan I tried to get with my little buddy in tow (NOT a good idea, it did NOT work out.), I do feel better now.  Thank you.)


11 responses to “Blogger Not Blogging

  1. Katie, One day you are going to look at Lucy and wonder where the time went. (I’m sure you’ve heard that before). Hopefully, a job will turn up quickly as I know this will make you happy. I love the quote you mentioned. A different way of looking at things changes the reality, doesn’t it? You provide me with wonderful ways to look at life.

  2. YAY! Ifeel better too. So glad to “hear” your voice again. I’ve missed you so and a girl can only pinterest so much. Emote away~we all love reading your fun, funny, sweet and insightful pros. LYM! Pistol

  3. Maureen Clarke

    So nice to hear your voice Alaskarella! You have the most incredible job of all! You get to help develop sweet Lucy’s brain! So you see, you are not on hiatus…you’re working your butt off!

  4. road2clova

    Hey, I miss your blogs, but your gals look happy & are obviously VERY busy. I also miss your photos…the one of Lucy wearing fur is adorable…she is my current screen saver.

  5. I am so glad you are back blogging to entertainment me because I too am on hiatus except I don’t have a two year old to keep me entertained (or just plain ole busy)… thanks for stepping up to the plate! I really needed you. 🙂

  6. Peggy Bernardis

    I love hearing about you, Katie and ofcouse, Lucy!! Remember you can always Colbie Cailet it……..We miss you and adore you!! Keep up the great work and be so proud that you have this opportunitiy!!! She is a delight, as is Zoey!!

  7. This post makes me smile 🙂 Obviously.

  8. Was thrilled to check in and find a few new posts since I last checked (starting with this one). I completely understand not being able to blog while staying home with a 2 year old (they take an insane amount of energy, working a paying job is way easier in most cases) – we’ll take as much or as little as you’ve got to give to blogging during this phase of life. I do miss the daily updates…probably almost as much as you do. xoxo

  9. jenna Capobianco

    Good to hear your voice oh Queen of the Arctic. Beautiful, beautiful pics too. What’s up with secret limo? You need to do it. So much talent. xx

  10. Hi Katie, I noticed you hadn’t been blogging (now I know why and get it) but thought I’d check today anyways because I’d missed Alsakarella & there were 5 or more new entries and you totally made my morning! I understand how hard it is to use the computer with a little one … I’ve tried that with Anna before and that is why our laptop has several missing keys. Sounds like all is going as well as it can with you guys … the “homeschooling” sounds fun — if nothing more, an excuse to buy cool paints & crafty things since you are a teacher and entitled to some sort of materials budget… 😉 Hope the weather warms up for you soon!!!! Any summer trips planned to warmer climates?

  11. I’m so happy you’re blogging again! Plus, I personally didn’t feel that your blog needed any sort of psychotropics (haha). Good luck with Miss Lucy! The term “It takes a village to raise a child” must have been coined by the mother of a toddler since only a village put together would have anything close to the energy of a toddler. Is there a My Gym around you guys? Maybe that could help Lucy use up some energy, we take Zoey and it just poops her out =)