Aloha Monday!

Ronnie Clarke! You are TOO much!

Thank you for the sunshine!, the aloha love, and the hu-la-la! Mahalo!! How did you know Fairbanks is breaking records for “the coldest May” ever? (It’s been in the 20s and snowing.) How did you know we’d had just about enough and were feeling as gray as the clouds outside? UNTIL …

You arrived via a care package full of love, sunshine, and endless smiles.

We love the “paddle” ball …

and the hula-ing went all night!

Three HAPPY hula girls!

Thanks to you, Ronnie, we have a ball and we had a ball! Mitch says, “this is the first day since being back in Alaska that I asked you how your day was and you said, ‘Great!'”

Which is exactly why we’re going to do it all again tomorrow!  It’s Island Time in the Arctic and we LOVE it like that!    Zoey said, “Can we keep all this up until we move?”  I’m thinking “yes.”

Mahalo for the Aloha, Ronnie!  I just love you.  And more than I love ALL the party fun – I love that you thought of us.   We are so lucky to be loved by you.  That, more than anything, fills me with sunshine.  And I’m still smiling.




6 responses to “Aloha Monday!

  1. That’s just awesome.

  2. Hi T! Yes, it was one great still going PARTAY!

  3. I’m so glad that my package brought smiles to your faces! I really miss the sunshine during the short days in winter so I thought I’d send some to your family. I loved seeing the pictures. Your blog has brought a lot of inspiration my way and I appreciate that.

  4. What a wonderful world this is with loving friends and family!