6 am

Someday I will still be asleep at 6 in the morning. And on those days, I might look back at these days and think, “That was magical.” And then I’ll roll over and go back to sleep.

I might not be a morning person … but even in my jammies, ski hat, and half closed eyes, I am a making memories person.  Plus, we all decided climbing on the climbing thing is more fun than climbing on the mama-pajama-you-must-be-kidding-it’s 6am- go -back -to -bed – please thing.

Living the dream at what would be dawn anywhere else in the world,



7 responses to “6 am

  1. road2clova

    WOW…Mitch did get the “climbing thing” back up..FUN

  2. Grandpa Jack made it easy! He numbered the pieces and left big chunks assembled, so it only took a few hours …. it’s up! It’s been dubbed “Pixie Hallow” and it is the jewel of our forest!

    • road2clova

      AWWW….love the name. Lots of memories will be created in Pixie Hollow. Have you seen any pixies yet…bet those pixies are still wearing hats & mittens.

  3. Monica moo

    You have been one of my heroes for a long time. Thanks for the beautiful reminders to soak up every moment! I’ve never met anyone better at that than you!

  4. mijotwinlove

    Love it! You are an amazing mom!